February Traffic Pileup, Caucuses, Farm Bill, and Theatre

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Keith Morgan, Story County Emergency Coordinator, gave us an inside look at the traffic pileup on Monday, February 5.  

Following up on Monday night's political party caucuses we had reports form Micah Hayek, publicity chairman for Story County Republicans; Lewis Rosser, caucus chair for Story County Democrats, and James Schneider, Libertarian Party Chair. We introduced the National Farmers Union vimeo production of the colloquium  “The Farm Bill and Beginning Farmers:  How to create a sustainable path for the next generation in agriculture,” led by Roger Johnson, National Farmers Union president. For commentary on the stresses on the farm economy and family farmers, we heard from George Naylor, IFU member with an activist history in the National Family Farm Coaltion and the Center for Food Safety.  We wrapped up the program with previews of two upcoming plays from regional theatre groups, Nunsense!, by the Boone Community Theatre and Almost Maine, by Ankeny Community Theatre.

Sokoto Nigeria, Ames City Council, Saw Whet Owls

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 02/05/2018
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A round up of state news and Iowa in national news from this past week,provided by the Iowa Informer

Adamu Ibrahim, Central Iowan resident, whose homeland is Sokoto, Nigeria, describes his home community and the realities of being a citizen of a country on the African Continent who comes to the USA for education and opportunity. He responds to recent negative stereo types put out there by the US President about his country and those who come here from those countries. This is part of a KHOI series of first-hand talks with people from the countries that have been disparaged to gain understanding of those countries and local immigrants' lives. 

Pat Schlarbaum, KHOI Nature reporter, presents the adorable saw Whet owl.

Caucuses, Inclusive Ames, Ames Healthy Life Center

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 02/02/2018
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Dennis Hart gives a round up of local news from the past week from the pages of Ames Tribune.
Stephanie Schares describes the upcoming Inclusive Ames interactive event to be held at the Ames Public Library on Saturday, February 12 from 10 AM - noonThe event is called Toward Building Community: First Understand Ourselves. Ross Wilburn, Diversity Officer at ISU and Associate Director of Community Economic Development, will lead discussion and activities about community and diversity. 
Micah J. Hayek, Story County Republican Publicity Chairman, explains upcoming Republican Caucuses.  Information on caucus locations. 
John Klaus, Democratic Precinct Chair and Lewis Rosser, Caucus Chair for Story County Democracts explain the upcoming Democratic Caucuses. Information on caucus locations,.  
Susan Gwiasda, Ames Public Relations Officer, gives an update of Ames Municipal affairs and introduces Nancy Carroll, who is leading the Healthy Life Center initiative for a city-owned wellness center complex in Ames. 

Democrats on Facebook.

Water Quality, LOL

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 31/01/2018
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The lead story today was inspired by the Water Quality Bill (S512) passed last week.  To help us understand this we heard from Kerri Johannsen, Manager of Government Affairs with the Iowa Environmental Council (a coalition of 65 Iowa environmental groups),  Kerri told us about the effects of the extreme cuts to the DNR in recent years, as well as explaining the most effective ways to lobby for legislative changes.  The balance of the show dealt with entertainments opening this weekend.  Paxton Williams told us about "Meet George Washington Carver," with gospel music by the Corinthian Praise and Worship Team, which will kick off Black History Month at the Iowa Alumni Center on February 3.  We then heard from Amy Sturdivant Sharp, director of "All My Sons," the Arthur Miller play opening this weekend at the Webster City Community Theatre. We closed out the program with three guests from this weekend's performance of "Laugh Out Loud," the 2nd annual comedy show in the style of "Saturday Night Live" and "Laugh In."  Writer-Director, Clark Ford joined Tom (Gentile) and Doug (Florek) the stars of KHOI's weekly "Tom and Doug Show.".

Marijuana laws and lawsuit, Immigrants and DACA

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 29/01/2018
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Jason Karimi was interviewed by Greta Anderson about medical marijuana legislation and the recent lawsuit won by the ISU chapter of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Legislation.

Host, Gale Seiler, spoke with Maria Alcivar, an immigrant activist, who provided an update on immigrant detentions and deportations in central Iowa. She also spoke about the precarious situation of DACA recipients and the hope for passage of the Dream Act.

Ames High School Renovation, Fossil Free Fast

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 26/01/2018
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Dennis Hart provides a round-up of the past week's local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune and related papers. KHOI Naturalist Pat Schlarbaum introduces the animal whose time of year has arrived, for starting their families - the Great Horned Owl. So, if you re hearing hooting at night, that's why. Erwin Klaas, ISU Professor Emeritus of Animal Ecology, announces a viewing party of a national event being held in Washington DC one day after the president's State of the Union Address, called Fossil Free Fast. Ames Progressive Alliance hosts Carolyn Meyers and Anne Kinzel speak with Duane Reeves, who has been leading the committee charged with gauging community opinion about what route to take when upgrading Ames High School. He explains why the decision has been made to build a new school instead of renovating the old one.



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