LWV, Economics, Shakespeare

Originally broadcast 01/20/2021 

The upcoming schedule of Legislative Updates from the Ames League of Women Voters was confirmed and their virtual format explained by LWV President Linda Hagedorn.  People wishing to attend these WebEx sessions should email prez.lwv@gmail.com to receive the link.  This is also the number to email  your questions live during the forums.  The dates for the Legislative Wakeups are January 23, February 6, March 6, and April 10.  Selections from the forums will be re-broadcast on Local Talk a week or so after the events.  Next was a selection from a LWVprogram titled “Government, the Economy, and Human Welfare—an Historical Perspective” by Prof. Joshua Rosenbloom of the ISU Economics Department.  We concluded the show with a preview of the Ankeny Community Theatre virtual production of The Book of Willa dramatization of compiling Shakespear's First Folio of his complete plays.

LOCAL TALK 7:00 AM-8:00 AM 19 January 2021 Meetz Summary

Originally broadcast 01/19/2021 



Dr. John Hill, Emeritus Professor of Physics, ISU Department of Astronomy and Physics, discusses basic Geology, different rock types, examples of minerals, collecting, Central Iowa Mineral Society membership and meetings.

Maddie Anderson, Story County Democratic Party Chair, sharing local inauguration plans and Party updates.

Ames Public Relations Officer, Susan Gwiasda,gives an updat on City Council meetings.

Ames Fire Chief-Rich Higgins discusses how the fire department department is handling being front line workers, COVID vaccination updates for City employees, and how the City of Ames participates in mask mandates, vaccination sites, and distribution.


Spyrit Metaphysical, Snowbird phenology

Originally broadcast 01/15/2021 

Today's Local Talk featured new business In Spyrit Metaphysical at 114 Kellogg in Ames.  We learned about metaphysics of plants, stone and everything in between. Mike Meetz assisted with Snowbird phenology.  Susan Gwiasda invited Vanessa Baker-Lattimer to talk about upcoming Martin Luther King virtual Celebration on Monday, January 18.  News of the event can be found at City of Ames.org.

Belin, Masks, Trump

Originally broadcast 01/13/2021 

Our show started with Leanne Harter's Story County Report.  Legislative Reporter Laura Belin provided insights into Gov. Kim Reynolds "Condition of the State Report."  As mask wearing becomes a political issue as well as a health issue. Paul Wierson took a nostalgic look at the most famous Masked Man of American culture -- the Lone Ranger. Following that we have first-hand accounts of the protest at the Jan. 6 Iowa State Captiol gathering (Dara Sue Macahovic Martin) and her sister-in-law (Tara Macahovic) who was one of the hundreds of thousands who went to Washington to hear Trump on that day.

Local Talk, Jan 8, 2021

Originally broadcast 01/08/2021 

Listen to the entire episode now! 

Today's Local Talk featured Carolyn Raffensberger's assessment of Capitol insurrection this week.  Music featured Joan Baez In My Time of Need.  Short eared owl phenology, and Merry Rankin discussed upcoming Smart Business Challenge program and luncheon.  Anna Banana featured Carole Puckrose poetry.

Black Iowa, Lefse, Owls

Originally broadcast 01/06/2021 

This diverse program started with Dana James, founder of the online publication "Black Iowa News," telling how her personal experience inspired her to provide information about  healthcare for minorities during the COVID crisis.  Our second guest, Eddie Andrews, newly elected Republican representative from IA district 39, described his election strategy during a pandemic as well as his most important concern, which is mental health practice, especially for children.  Switching to Norwegian heritage we interviewed Diane Tott, who sought to make  Lefse rolling pins from a beloved walnut tree destroyed in last summer's Derecho.  For this project she enlisted  "Lefse King" Gary Legwold.  They joined with Paul Wierson to reminisce about Norwegian food and customs.  Pat Schlarbaum's phenology about the Great Horned Owl closed out the show.


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