Reiman Garden Starts May Plant Sale & Warnings from the Medical World About Re-Opening Business and Social World

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Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news from the past week. 

Sarah Rummery, Manager of Horticulture explained that the the annual May plant sale at Reiman Gardens will occur beginning today, May 4 - only this year it will be on line. Plants will be picked up in the parking lot. Members can buy May 4 - 8 and the general public is invited to order from May 9-17. The gardens also have many features on their web site, from garden photos to virtual tours. The gardens currently remain closed; check the web site for announcements about when they will re-open.

Warnings from Researchers at University of Iowa's Department of Public Health, and Fort Dodge Infectious Disease Dr. MeganSrinivas are only some  from the medical arena who are warning against Governor Reynolds' announcement to open businesses, gyms, churches, malls, and other types of public areas. According to Reynolds, "we must learn to live with COVID virus activity without letting it govern our lives." Dr. Eli Perencevich, epidemiologist researcher at university of Iowa, tweeted that Reynolds ans state health officials "have made a tragic error." 

Dr. MarkAlain Dery, Infectious disease expert and public health expert, agrees with Perencevich's and the others warning against loosening restrictions. He explains this and critiques US public Health nationally as lacking a unified system for data, policy, and implementation, a weakness in our system that he also calls tragic.

Anna Banana brought Heart to Heart Messages. Send Anna your message to read on the air. Text it to 515-809-0077 or email it to khoiradio@gmail with Heart to heart in the subject line. 


Ames’ EcoFair

EcoFair Anniversary logoEcoFair was cancelled due to Covid 19. As a result presenters were invited to adapt and record their presentations which were aired on April 25, 2020. EcoFair was coordinated with The City of Ames, Iowa State University, fellow friends and citizens of the natural world, and KHOI Community Radio. Numerous naturalists provided introductions each hour with musical interludes courtesy of Jon Jon Stravers with Big Blue Sky Band. At the completion there is an hour interval with ecologist Erv Klaas and a final Earth Day message from Marlene Ehresman, Executive Director of Iowa Wildlife Center.

May 1, 2020

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/01/2020
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Local Talk included another week in the news of  Ames Tribune recap by Dennis Hart.  Dr. Yunou Qiu Asst. Professor of Statistics at ISU discussed his research into Corona Virus modeling.  Susan Gwiasda invited Kellee Omlid Recreation Superintendent of Ames Parks and Recreation.  She discussed Park policies during Covid19 response  and opening of Homewood Golf Course. And a music tribute was presented to Donna DiBianca as she passed away this week. 


Story County Supervisors Chair Murken, US Senate Candidate Mike Franken, Ames Public Works Carry On with Upgrades

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/30/2020
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Chair of Story County Board ofSupervisors, Linda Murken discusses the state of Story County at this point of the Covid-19 crisis and explains why she thinks relaxing the current restrictions at this time is a misinterpretation of analysis of the progress of virus contamination in our area. She also describes how county services are open and continue online or by phone. However, adoption are currently suspended.

Iowa primary elections will be June 2. Numerous candidates are campaigning to be the Democratic candidate for US senate, to challenge US Senator Joni Ernst. Cal Halliburton interviews candidate Mike Franken.

Susan Gwiasda Ames Public Relations Officer and Justin Clausen, Operations Manager for Ames Public Works, describe upcoming city projects as city construction and maintenance, giving continuity and care regardless of the crisis. 


COVID-19 Response: Ecological Change and Family Farms

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/29/2020
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Carolyn Raffensperger and Pat Schlarbaum started our show with a discussion of Ecological Change -- and how a small change in one species or location has unintended consequences elsewhere.  Our Roundtable of Iowa Farmers Union members responded to the crisis caused by COVID-19 in Meat Processing Plants in Iowa.  Aaron Lehman, Chris Petersen, and John Gilbert described the food distribution system before the "Get Big or Get Out" era of Industrial Agriculture and gave us some ideas about how to adapt it to the 21st century and shared the alternatives that they themselves are implementing. Cornelia Flora ended the program by describing historically, how America developed from being a colony exporting raw materials to developing regional self-sufficiency to returning the colonial model of growing on a few crops and animals feeding into farm value chains controlled by a few large corporations -- leaving our food system vulnerable to attacks -- human or crop diseases or weather.  The decline of local control and the change in rules and regulations at the state and federal level increased the vulnerability of family farmers and we need to use this crisis to try to increase the resilience of our farming systems and rural communities. 

April 28, 2020

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/28/2020
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Carin Forbes Legal Aide to Story County talks about Renter's Rights during Covid 19 Response, Ron Edwards Animal Control Officer discusses pets during Covid 19 Response.  And Anna Bananna provides another wonderful Heart To Heart messages. 



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