Lovestruck Balladeeers, Tariffs, Frankenstein

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Today's show started with a conversation between artists from two of the groups performing at Ragtime in Randall on October 13.  Rod Bienesen(of Rod and Tricia Biensen) and Dalton Ridenhour (of the Lovestruck Balladeers).  After that we heard from Ron Tigner, of the Iowa Farmers Union, about the effects of tariffs and the pending Farm Bill on Iowa farmers.  Finally Ali Kirwen, gave us a preview of Ankeny Community Theatre'sproduction of "Frankenstein".  

Moonlight Express, Ames Male Heroes in Social Service, Future Discussions About Assault in Ames

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/01/2018
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A rundown of Iowa in the news during last week. 

Barbara Neal, Assistant Director for Operations for Cyride, explains that their Moonlight Express is a free transportation service provided by Cyride on Friday and Saturday nights, including "door-to-door" service. Schedules are available on line

In the wake of Arizona Jeff Flake's unexpected departure from expectations of his colleagues, show host Ursula Ruedenberg relates the stories of  three men who stepped out of the box in the 1970's to confront sexual misconduct and create conditions that allowed Ames to develop the rape crisis center that today is ACCESS., including a behind-the-scene in interview with Annette Ruedenberg about how changed happened.

Mayor John Haila and City Councilwoman at Large Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen describe discussions that have occurred in Ames city government about addressing assault in the wake of the murder of Celia Barquin Arozamena, and what discussions may ensue into the future.  

Ames Pridefest, Coming Out, Next Gen, Farewell to Our Beloved Landlord Dennis Jones

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/28/2018
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Tara Andrews and Mara Spooner from Ames Pride, local community LGBTQ nonprofit organization, invite you to Pridefest 2018, to be held in the two blocks North of Main Street on Douglas Avenue in Ames, on Saturday September 29th from 11 AM - 7 PM.

Ames therapist Keith Schrag describes stigma and repression historically suffered by "queer" people, as well as his own "coming out" journey.

NextGen Iowa is recorded at ISU, as they register students to vote and they explain their efforts in anticipation of the upcoming election. 

Dennis Jones, our beloved landlord, long-time resident of Ames, retired Operations Director for The  National Animal Disease Center, and advocate for bicycles in our area,  passed away on September 25th. We are unspeakably saddened, endlessly grateful to Dennis for giving KHOI this beautiful home in the Ames Pantorium and for making us feel so welcomed and cared for here. We extend our condolences to Cindy Jones and the rest of his family. We play here a recording of an interview we conducted with Dennis in 2015, where he shares his feelings about the Ames Pantorium Building and life in general.  

International Peace Walk, Ku Klux Klan

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/26/2018
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We reported on last Sunday's International Peace Walk around Ada Hayden Park sponsored by IRIS International Resource for International Service , which coordinates home-stays and activities for High School Exchange Students.  One of those students, Maria Tesalonicha (Icha), came to our studio to give her impressions of the events, her experiences in Iowa, and told us a little about her country of Indonesia.  We followed this by a collection of interviews of other exchange students who gave presentations during the walk.  Ursula Ruedenberg was on hand to record these.  The student's reviews were the epitome of "Iowa Nice."

The second half of the program revealed an ugly side of Iowa history that has been almost completely forgotten -- the Reactionary Movements from 1914-1934, especially the Second Wave of the Ku Klux Klan, which gathered millions of members in the midwest.  The guest telling us about these was Michael Luick-Thrams, whose presentation "The Klan: The White Cancer," will be at the Ames Public Library on October 2.  A brief description of the relation of the other movements, from the Anti-German reaction starting with the US entry to World War I is available at  

Preventing Sexual Violence, Growing Hops, Dragonflies, Community Grants

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/24/2018
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KHOI reporter, Joy Beadleston, interviewed Bobby Dennis from ACCESS about the community education and outreach he does focused on preventing violence against women. Host, Gale Seiler, spoke with Diana Cochran from the Horticulture Department at ISU about her research and work on growing hops as a commercial crop in Iowa. Pat Schlarbaum brought us a phenology on dragonflies. In the last segment, we werejoined by Crystal Davis from the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau to discuss the Community Grants program.  

Vigil for Celia Barquín Arozamena, Maximum Ames Music Festival, "The Wild Ones" and Hometown Teams

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Celia Barquin Arozamena

Dennis Hart gives a summary of local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune. 

On Wednesday, on Central Campus, a vigil and commemoration was held  for the slain  Celia Barquín Arozamena.  On Local Talk, we hear some of the testimonials given by fellow ISU students, athletes, friends, and faculty, as well as Carlos, her boyfriend.

KHOI is proud to serve as a featured Maximum Ames Music Festival venue to host free all ages concerts at 7 pm on Friday the 28th, 7 pm Saturday the 29th, and 1 pm Sunday the 30th with noteworthy performances by Will Pett and KHOI producer Tom Russell (Friday), Iowa City singer-songwriter Charlie Cacciatore's solo-project-turned-band Good Morning Midnight (Saturday), and the constantly evolving lineup of Rence Liam's group Dear Rabbit (Sunday). 

In a "Wild Ones" segment, Local Talk hosts discuss their own encounters with wild animals and encourage you to send in your own encounters to khoiradio@gmail.comso we can share them on the air. 

Alex Fejfar from the Ames History Center invites you to view their Cathedrals of the Plains exhibit about grain elevators and Hometown Teams, about local Athletics. 

And finally we give Mr. Hart a send off as he heads for his California winter home. He will resume providing news for Local Talk in two weeks, when he gets settled there.  


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