Philanthropy Awards, Iranian Health WOrkers, Food Security in Crisis, Housing Relief

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Charlie Weber, with Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, one of 16 nonprofit organizations that form the Story CountyAlliance for Philanthropy, makes a call for nominations of Story County people and entities worthy of an award for philanthropy during the past year. There will be an award ceremony for these people in November, including an honorary art work as a token of recognition, made by a local artist. Make your nomination at their web site.

We hear a Persian Song in Recognition of Iranian Health workers, which comes with a video showing Iranian health workers in the struggle against COVID -19. Iran became one of the first coronavirus hot spots outside of China in March. It is now being understood that the numbers are higher because Iranian doctors now are seeing a surge of patients with gastrointestinal problems rather than respiratory symptoms. This is a red flag for us as well.

Dr. Jim Roth, Presidential Chair in Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine and Director of the Center for Food Security and Public Health at ISU, explains why so many new diseases are being transmitted from animals to humans. He also discusses the food supply in the area of animals for consumption during the COVID19 crisis and the much bigger looming issue of food insecurity, as people have lose their jobs.

Susan Gwiasda gives an update on decisions made by the City of Ames regarding opening facilities. Furman Pool will remain closed. The Municipal pool will be opened as possible. Read a summary of municipal decisions .

Vanessa Baker Latimer, Housing Coordinator forthe City of Ames, reports that additional funds granted to the City of Ames through the Community Development Block Grant (under the CARES Act) will be used to provide relief for renters’ and homeowners.Additional funds granted to the City of Ames through the Community Development Block Grant (under the CARES Act) will be used to provide relief for renters’ and homeowners. The process for distributing funds is not in place yet but will be developed as quickly as possible in light of the end of the freeze on evections put in place by the state. Information is available and applications will be made available at the city’s housing web site

Covid 19 Response: NAACP Town Halls, DarQuan Jones, GAR tombstone

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Today's program started with a discussion between Carolyn Raffensperger and Pat Schlarbaum about how science can shape policy. Then Betty Andrews, president of the Iowa Nebraska NAACP, told us about the virtual  Town Halls taking place over the next two weeks, in which national and local experts will examine the disparate impact that COVID-19 has had on the Black Community nationally and locally, answering the most pressing questions around the Corona Virus. Al Womble described another powerful event that took place on Saturday, May 23 in Des Moines -- "No Hate In Our State," the community response to the hate crime beating of DarQuan Jones. Then Sara Jordan-Heintz ended our program with a story inspired by an unmarked grave of from the time of the Civil War. 

May 26, 2020

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Today's Local Talk included an interview by Cal Halliburton of Republican primary challenger Jeremy Taylor to Congressman Steve King’s District Four in Western Iowa. Erica Place with Story County Conservation Board talked about Covid 19 Response in Story County Parks. And Susan Gwiasda invited Ron Edwards with City of Ames Animal Control to talk about how our pets to Covid 19 respond to having people at home. And consequently what might change when people return to their jobs. 

Memorial Day

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World War two veteran Curt Bauer and his son Lee Bauer start off a reflection on Memorial Day with their recollections of Bauer’s service in the Pacific and on ceremonies in Zearing Iowa, hosted by the American Legion.

State Senator Herman Quirmbach and Ames City Councilman Tim Garten, both from the Ames Patriotic Council, read the names of local veterans who have passed away since last May. They then lead a conversation on the history and meaning of Memorial Day. They extend recognition to others in uniform who are not in the military service, but who currently serve, putting their lives on the line during this pandemic crisis. Globally More than 9,200 health care providers have been infected by the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There is also reflection on how much and how many have been lost to the pandemic. The coronavirus had infected more than 1.66M people in the USA and led, so far, to 98,000 deaths. Globally, the death toll is at around 350 thousand.

Anna Banana reads heart to heart messages to and from the different branches of the US military service. 

May 22, 2020

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Local Talk 2020/05/22 included an interview by Tammy Jacobs ISU Extension Crisis Hotline concerning Covid19 Response. Pertinent telephone numbers were Iowa Concerned Hotline 515-447-1985, Teenline 800-443-8336, Mental Health Hotline 800-369-2229, and 800-262-3804. Susan Gwiasda invited Neil Weiss Assistant Director of Ames Water and Pollution Control. Pertinent websites included CityofAmes/Smart Water, COV/Smartwatershed and Facebook/Ames Water. 

EIS Struggles and Standing Rock

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/20/2020
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Carolyn Raffensperger's reflection today was on gardens and the interactions of creatures, animal and human, with them.  In exploring the reports of a huge victory for the Standing Rock Sioux in their legal challenges to the Dakota Access Pipeline, we first spoke with Mark Edwards and Pat Schlarbaum, who spent some weeks at the Standing Rock camp in South Dakota in 2016, as the Water Protectors, protested Energy Transfer Partners digging a trench through their land before tunneling under the Missouri River.  Next Keith Puntenney discussed the legal actions of farmers whose land was condemned by Eminent Domain.  And finally, Iowa Sierra Club Attorney Wally Taylor, described the legal struggle in Iowa and the current status of the pipeline in a financial climate of collapsing oil prices.

We also announced voting information at


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