The World Food Prize, Child Health, Rotarian Water Project

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We started our program with Leanne Harter's report from Story County followed by a discussion of the events of the Borlaug Lecture held earlier this week featuring posters on students' field work before the 2018 World Food Prize Laureates spoke.  Because theLaureates, Lawrence Haddad and David Nabarro, were being honored for their individual and complementary global leadership in elevating maternal and child undernutrition to a central issue within the food security and development dialogue at national and international levels, our guest Cornelia Flora (Distinguished Professor of Sociology Emeritus) spoke about the importance of shifting the focus of agricultural research from producing as much food as possible to working with people to provide nourishing food--a much more complicated task.  Our second guest, Dave Fox, founder of FOX Engineering, an environmental engineering firm based in Ames, described a water and wastewater project in a Tanzanian village combining the skills and funding from the Ames Rotary Club with support from the International Rotary Foundation.  That project is described in this video.  

Eastern Tiger Salamanders, Job Market in Story County

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/15/2018
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news from the past week.

Opening speeches are heard from candidates running for open seats for Iowa House districts 45, 46, and 48.  The forum was held at the Nevada Public Library, hosted by The Leagueof Women Voters for Ames and Story County. Iowa House districts 45, 46, and 48 cover the towns of Ames, Kelly, Gilbert, Slater and Sheldahl and the townships of Grant, Washington, Milford, Franklin, Lafayette, and northern Story County. 

Pat Schlarbaum brings a report on the Eastern Tiger Salamanders who are currently migrating in Iowa.

Brenda Dryer, who works with Ames Economic Development and is  Director of Workforce Solutions, Discusses the job market in Story County and development projects. She announces that Ames has been identified as the nation’s best job market by CNBC, and also that an Iowa Works office has moved to Ames. This is a support center for people looking for work, including coaching for job interviews and office facilities for public use. The office is located at 912 Lincoln way across from the Highway Commission building. Dryer also reminded job-seekers that jobs are posted at their web site, Work in Ames.  

Hate Flyers in Des Moines, Everts Flower Card, Smart Business Challenge

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/12/2018
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of the past week's local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Connie Ryan, Executive Director of the Des Moines Area Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and Mark Finkelstein, Communications Relations Director for the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines, describe recent events when the Des Moines Area Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and Planned Parenthood centers were targeted with flyers posted at their offices in three places. The flyers were part of a national campaign organized by a White Supremacy Group. Ryan and Finkelstien explain their organizations' take on actions of hate and how to respond. 

Brian Smith from Everts Flowers, Home, and Gifts describes what its like owning an historic florist business in Ames,as well as passions of being a florist who serves people during the milestones of their lives, from birth to death. He explains their flower card program. You can buy a flower card for Everts at KHOI for $20, which will allow you to pick up a bouquet from Everts, once a month, for a year. Half of the funds earned by this program go to KHOI to help pay for operations. Stop on by and get your card!

Merry Rankin, Sustainability Director for Iowa State University and Ames is accompanied by student co-coordinators of the Smart Business Challenge. They describe their work in assisting businesses and organizations in reaching their goals in sustainability.  

Call of the West, More Ragtime, Mary Poppins Jr., VOTING

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 05/14/2018
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Our program started with a preview of this Saturday’s Central Iowa Symphony concert "Call of the West" featuring Dave Stamey,Western singer and song writer who will be playing with the full orchestra of the Central Iowa Symphony.  CIS Director Eric McIntyre, who has written the score, told us how this collaboration came about.  Another musical entertainment featured this weekend is Ragtime in Randallfor which we provided a sample of the three groups performing -- Lovesick BalladeersBrian Keenan, and Ron and Tricia Biensen.  Our third musical event was Webster City Community Theatre's "Mary Poppins, Jr." Loween Getter, director of the children's theatre production, was on hand to tell us about it.  In preparation for the upcoming election,Carolyn Klaus, from the Ames League of Women Voters came in to tell us about Early Voting Locations, voter registration, and absentee ballots.  Vote   is the interactive location to answer all non-partisan questions about voting.  Maggie Westvold ended the show with "Points to Ponder" on Music.  

Teaching about Native Americans, Refugee Exhibit, School Safety

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/08/2018
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Host, Gale Seiler, spoke with Genya Coffey (a first grade teacher in Ames) about innovative approaches she is using to teach her students about Native Americans. Joy Beadleston interviewed Adrienne Gennett about an exhibit called Unpacked: Refugee Baggage, which is at the Christian Petersen Art Museum at ISU until Oct 19. Keith Morgan, from Story County Emergency Management, brought along Ottie Maxey and Ned Miller from the Ballard School District to discuss school security and safety.  

Ames High Class of 1978 Reunion, Emerald Ash Borer, Civic Update

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/05/2018
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During the first weekend of October, the Ames High School Class of 1978 had its 40th year reunion. More than a hundred Ames High alumni came together in Ames and discovered why high school reunions can really be worth attending. Emanuel Ruedenberg was a member of the class of 1978 and he took a recorder with him to the reunion, to bring KHOI some of the insights that were shared, ranging from changes in Ames to reflections on the maturing process that comes after 40 years of adulthood.

Jim Rock of Ames Story Tree and Lawn service share what he knows about the Emerald Ash Borer that has been identified in our area and endangering our shade trees. 

Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames, gives the civic update for October.  


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