KHOI to Host 'Wall-Signing' Events for Founding Donors

November 6, 2012 - 2:24pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

As KHOI nears its goal of raising $40,000, the KHOI team will celebrate its progress during two parties in the coming weeks. Both will take place in the former Ames Pantorium building on 410 Douglas from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The first will fall on Friday, Nov. 9. The second will fall on the following Friday, Nov. 16.

KHOI Surpasses Kickstarter Fundraising Goal, Looks to the Future

September 17, 2012 - 6:34pm -- Anonymous (not verified)
 Shown on the left is an image of KHOI's current makeshift studio. KHOI's Kickstarter campaign is helping to raise funds to build a real studio that will enable live radio broadcasts.


After months of seeking donations through the crowd funding website Kickstarter, KHOI Community Radio surpassed its fundraising goal last week, receiving even more than the $12,000 it sought.

The benefactors who donated the critical goal-surpassing sum were Erv and Janet Klaas, the second of whom made a Sept. 14 visit to the station and wrote a check for $300.

“I rounded up,” she said, giving her reason for donating more than the station strictly needed.

The KHOI team received the couple’s gift gratefully. Ursula Ruedenberg, interim station manager, said that the station now had to raise only $30,000 more to finance the construction of a broadcast studio.

“This is a milestone,” Ruedenberg said. “It’s a quarter of what we need.”

Kickstarter, a fundraising site for creative projects, imposes an unusual condition on the money raised through it. If support seekers fail to raise the amount they’re aiming to by a given deadline, they receive nothing, no matter how closely they approximate their aim....

KHOI to Commence Classical Broadcasts Sept. 15

September 14, 2012 - 12:53pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

Fans of classical music need turn their dials no further than 89.1 FM this weekend, when KHOI will air its first slate of classical programs.

Roger Berger, a retired Iowa State University professor, will lead the station’s venture into another genre with his show “Saturday Afternoon Opera,” which will air weekly from noon to 3 p.m.

Berger said his programs, which will present excerpts from his favorite composers’ work, would span the different epochs of opera’s development.

KHOI to Broadcast Programs for 11 Days of Global Unity 2012

September 10, 2012 - 10:24am -- Anonymous (not verified)

In celebration of 11 Days of Global Unity, a time during which all are enjoined to work for worldwide peace, KHOI 89.1 FM will be broadcasting a series of 11 programs. Starting Sept. 11, KHOI will air the programs at 8 a.m., 1 p.m and 8 p.m on each of the 11 days. The programs will call listeners to serve, respect and learn from others. All programs will be produced by the central Iowa chapter of 11 Days of Global Unity. 

Though the event has been celebrated since 2004, Heather Withers, an Ames resident and ordained minister of the Unity Church, first committed herself to it in 2008, when she learned about it through her ministry.

Though more than a decade has passed since planes struck the two towers of the World Trade Center, Withers still recalls the global fear those strikes evoked.

Broadcast Operations Began Aug. 17

August 19, 2012 - 10:41pm -- ursula

KHOI has officially commenced regular broadcasting at 89.1 FM. After almost two weeks of being on the air for testing purposes, KHOI notified the Federal Communications Commission that broadcast operations began as of August 17th. During the testing phase, it was discovered that KHOI's signal exceeded all expectations by reaching as far as Ankeny, parts of DesMoines, Webster City, Boone, and State Center and the outskirts of Marshalltown to the East. KHOI is a voice for Central Iowa.

Community radio experts came from other places to ensure a smooth and successful lift-off. Engineer Tom Voorhees came from Seattle, Operations Manager Donna DiBianco came from Santa Fe, and WDRT Operations Manager Tood Wallin came from Viroqua WI. All these friends traveled to Iowa on their own dime to volunteer their services. KHOI is extremely grateful for their help and generosity. Their expertise and craftsmanship gave us a first-rate operation.

Diverse music, chosen by our production crew, is being aired via automation as the KHOI team begins shifting focus from technical challenges of getting onto the air to producing content. A creative and exciting time. As of August 20, local programs will begin to be introduced. Local programs will expand in the next few months with community participation and training.

On August 20th LOCAL TALK will launch as the signature KHOI show featuring local interviews. During the August 20th innaugural show, Kathy Svec describes Ames Historical Society's current exhibition: "Train Reality; How the Trains Made Ames." Elwyn Taylor tell hosts Don Wirth and Ursula Ruedenberg about his beginnings in Ames and as a climatologist and meteorologist and professor at Iowa State University. He then delivers his first daily WEATHER OUTLOOK for KHOI.

LOCAL TALK will air Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 AM, noon, and 7 PM. The show will eventually expand to airing every week day, as KHOI's production capacity grows.  Mr. Taylor's WEATHER OUTLOOK will air everyday at 7:55 AM, 12:55 PM, and 7:55 PM. Also, during the week of August 20th, local DJs will be introducing new and locally produced music programs.

Donate to KHOI Kickstarter Campaign

August 9, 2012 - 11:09am -- ursula


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