Emergency Management, Mosquitoes

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/13/2018
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Dennis Hart interviewed Keith Morgan from Story County Emergency Management about the emergency situations that Central Iowa has faced this summer, including tornadoes and flooding. He also reminded us of what we should do and have on hand to be ready for various emergencies. Gale Seiler interviewed Ryan Smith, a professor in the Department of Entomology at ISU. Dr. Smith discussed mosquitoes in Iowa and the diseases that they can transmit. By understanding the mosquito life cycle and as well as precautions to take, we can keep ourselves in good health while enjoying the outdoors in summer.  

Ames City Parks, Blue Jay, Rummage Rampage

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/10/2018
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Dennis Hart gives an update on local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Joshua Thompson, Ames Parks and Facilities Superintendent describes all of the challenges stemming from rain, tree disease, and other destruction in Ames city parks, like Emma McCarthy Lee Park, Brookside Park, and what plans they have for repairs.

Environmental reporter Pat Schlarbaum introduces the blue jay in detail.

Merry Rankinhttps://www.info.iastate.edu/individuals/info/202096/Rankin-Merry, Ames and ISU sustainability Director, describes Rummage Rampage along with some members of the team that made it happen.  

Marshalltown Tornado, Purple Martin Colony

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/08/2018
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of Central Iowa news.

Adam Sodders, reporter for the Marshalltown Times Republican gives a first-hand description of witnessing the destruction of the recent tornado that destroyed home, businesses, and the city's historic courthouse building, as well as how the reporters were able to publish a special issue of the Times Republican, despite losing their access to power to the storm.

Leanne Harter, Story County Outreach and Special Projects Manager gives a Story County update.

Environmentalist reporter Pat Schlarbaum travels to Walnut Woods State Park in Southern Polk County to visit a purple martin colony and their landlord, Tim Gedler, Walnut Woods Park manager, from the Department of Natural Resources.  

Up-Cycling: Using Garbage as a Building Resource

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/06/2018
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news from the past week.

Ayodeji Oluwalana , the new Recycling Coordinator for Iowa State University, talks about how he is bringing a global vision of environmentalism to ISU, based on his experience with environmental disaster in Nigeria. He describes the concept of up-cycling: using garbage as a building resource , demonstrated by a greenhouse he invented, made from plastic bottles.

Zoe Lee, 14-year-old owner of Sweetery-Z Catering, describes the three birthday cakes she will make for KHOI’s birthday party on August 12th. Zoe is a native of the Republic of Congo and was adopted by a family in the Ames after being ophaned and experiencing hunger in the Congo. Consequently, she sends a portion of her income to an orphanage in the Congo, to help alleviate hunger in her home country.

Ames at-large councilwoman Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen,  discusses current issues and initiatives on the Ames City Council with Reporter Dennis Hart. She breaks the news that Ames Mayor Hailahas vetoed the current rental cap ordinance adopted by the city council governing numbers of renter per building. The veto was responding to exceptions included in the ordinance.  

Bull Riding, Roads, College Athletes

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/03/2018
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Dennis Hart gives a rundown of local news from the past week from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Clayton Stevens, an Ames resident, takes time in between Oklahoma and Texas rodeos, to describe what its like to be a competitive bull rider. 

KHOI's interns provide Points to Ponder about financial circumstances for college athletes - should they be paid? Angela Solberg from ISU Architecture and Landscape Services explains road work on campus, particularly the entrance to Campus by Friley Hall at Lincoln Way and Welch.

Ames Public Relations Officer and City Engineer Mark Gansen give an update on city events, projects, and road improvements.  

Tornado in Marshalltown, Howard Hammond, I-35 Flyover Ramp

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 08/01/2018
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We started off the show with a roundup of regional news gathered by Dennis Hart which leads to an update of the tornado damage in Marshalltown. We heard an interview from Dennis and Paul Weirson with Marshalltown Mayor Greer. The interview included updates about the damage and trying to move forward.

Afterwards, there was a tribute to Howard Hammond, who passed away last week. Paul interviewed Louis, a close friend of Howard, about his life. After the interview, we heard an old recording of Paul and Howard from 2015.

Finally, Jackie Norman interviewed Scott Dockstader, the District 1 Engineer for Iowa. Scott explained the complications and delays with the I-30 flyover ramp and bridge, as well as the process of moving forward with the project.  


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