LOCAL TALK 16 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/16/2022 

Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor, Jamie Kopper, Equine Internal Medicine and Emergency veterinarian answers questions about Foals and educates the listener on what signs to be aware of when foals are in need of help and are doing well.

KHOI FM 10th Anniversary reminiscence: Pat Schlarbaum share their stories of the earliers years of KHOI Mike and KHOI Q and A about KHOI.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames reminds listeners about the upcoming Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan project meeting and Electric Services Director Donald Kom stops by to give an update on his department, reviews how the city meets the power needs, and thanks residents for their efforts to avoid new usage peaks. We also preview the ClimateActionPlan (CAP) Olli course offered this fall.

Leo Timms “talks up” the Senior Variety Show this Friday and Saturday at the Ames City Auditorium.

LOCAL TALK 12 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/12/2022 

Listen to the entire episode now! 

Local Talk for Friday, August 12, 2022 started with a weekly installment by Dennis Hart concerning the news from the pages of the Ames Tribune last week. 

Maxim Ames with Fred Love was featured concerning upcoming music event September 15 – 18.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames and Merry Rankin, Sustainability Director for the City, discussed recent Rummage Rampage. Two volunteers were featured Scott Rabe and Valentine Chenou contributed mightily to the event.  More than 70 tons of repurposed house-goods were diverted away from the landfill.

And Dean Henry, Berry Patch Farm, South of Nevada discussed his 57 year business formula of success at “pick your own” fruit.  Dean provided a delightful tour of his BerryPatchFarm.com.  The full hour long interview listen hear for your enjoyment.

Music was provided by Rose Griffin from her cd Cowboys and Angels we heard “Learn How to Fly and The Road.”.

Before the Pantorium

Originally broadcast 08/10/2022 

Mary Richards, as Vice President of the Board of the future radio station, and board member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, told us about how that organization became involved in applying for the permit to build.  Ursula Ruedenberg, who was the real moving force behind the various necessary steps described the search for a studio and the dramatic story of Dennis Jones, owner of the Pantoirum, agreeing to rent and rehab the old dry cleaners for our first studio. While we were waiting to be able to broadcast from a real studio, the First Baptist Church on Lynn in Campustown allowed us to set up a studio on the third floor of their educational wing where we had an internet broadcast studio five days a week with Allen Gildehaus as producer and Anthony Jeffries as engineer.

LOCAL TALK 9 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/09/2022 

Sam Wormley Discusses Alternative and practical forms of transportation and the village concept/zoning design to decrease CO2 footprint. Later in the hour, Sam reviews the basic facts that demonstrate the costly energy imputs, dangers and impracticality of the pipeline(s) proposed to transport and sequester this potentially dangerous form of (liquefied) CO2.

Story County Conservation Outreach and Communications Coordinator; Casey Struecker reviews the Events Calendar for the Story County Conservation System; reviews the Hickory Park and West Peterson completion. We also visit about OWLS programing that starts again in September and outdoor day and evening activities.

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames. Susan reminds residents of the next city council meeting and the meeting scheduled to provide feedback for the various citing options for the Municipal Indoor Aquatic Center with Keith Abraham: Parks and Recreation Director. Traffic Engineer, Damion Pregitzer discusses the workshop scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 16 that will address vision, goals, public outreach plan, and timeline for the Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan project.

LOCAL TALK 8 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/08/2022 

We welcome Dennis Hart with his news summary of the week from the pages of our local papers.

Dr Tyler Harms, Biometrician for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources invited us to ride along with him as he conducted an August roadside survey.  Tyler also provides information on a Citizen Science survey being conducted later this summer dealing with Chimney Swifts and Common Nighthawks. 

Story County Emergency Management Coordinator, Melissa Spencer shares tips and timely information re: weather emergencies and other potential emegencies for the residents of Story County.

LOCAL TALK 5 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/05/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, August 5, 2022 began with a news summary from the pages of the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart. 

Renee Klaus announced upcoming Gilbert Days this weekend.  A full array of community activities are included in the program.

Susan Gwiasda, Merry Rankin and Bill Schmidt presented a wrapup of another very successful Rummage Rampage that has been occurring since July 29. This event in the interest of recycling and repurposing is diverting thousands of tons of trash from the landfill.

Jess Soderstrum with ISU Extension Story County discussed highlights of the recent County Fair. 

Music was provided by a Scandinavian group, First Aid Kit.  Emmylou and Boys of Summer were featured..


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