LOCAL TALK 28 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/28/2022 

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KHOI’s Dennis Hart summarizes the week’s news from the pages of our local newspapers. 

Cameron Gray, local artist joins us and shares how he expresses his thoughts on community through his art and describes his Franklin Park neighborhood Free Library project and the message he hopes to convey.

Jerri Heid, President of Raising Readers in Story County inviting listeners to a ribbon cutting of RRSC's new space and introduces Cari McPartland the new Executive Director.

LOCAL TALK 25 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/25/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, March 25, 2022 featured the news summary of the week from the pages of the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.

Zaid Gustafson with Community Choice Credit Union, 202 East Lincolnway in Ames talked about their Food Court that will host a grand opening May 21 st yet is open until then. For more information contact foodtruckparc.com and that’s foodtruckparc with a “C” for Community Choice. Community Choice has been very innovative in converting an old motel space into an attractive and useful area for the public.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City invited Assistant Water and Pollution Control Director, Neil Weiss to Local Talk. He provided updates on some projects the department will be working on during the next year. Also some pertinent information about Ames water which is award winning quality. The Water Plant Open House is scheduled for Saturday, April 23.

Mike Havlik, Naturalist with the Dallas County Conservation Board talked about Swainson’s Hawk migration from Argentina. Mike also provided updates on the fishing birds of prey, Ospreys in Dallas County that will be returning to Iowa soon. Last year there were 49 Osprey pairs reported in Iowa with 29 active nests with 26 young produced.

Music featured Pieta Brown with another installment of Women’s History Month. Before Gas and TV, All My Rain, and Little Swainsons were featured from her album Paradise Outlaws.

Coal Mining in Iowa (from the vault)

Originally broadcast 03/23/2022 

County Reporters Paul Wierson and Susan Franzen visited Madrid Historical Museum for a tour of the Ackerlund-Burke Coal Mine, a replica of a coal mine dug out from the crawl space under the large museum building. We talked with local citizens about their knowledge and memories of the coal town and the coal camps surrounding it, as well as the local economy during the coal mining era.  Guests :Carla Seiler, Kristin Redenius, Earl Check, Merrill Daugherty


LOCAL TALK 22 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/22/2022 

Local Talk for Tuesday March 22, 2022 featured Joe Jayjack, Communications Director of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.  Joe provided background on mission of the foundation and upcoming events.  The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation is a premier conservation organization to the state. The Foundation provides critical coordination with government agencies and non governmental agencies like Pheasants Forever that is unequaled.  
Sara Carmichael, Story County Watershed Coordinator gave an update of their projects with Prairie Rivers of Iowa.
Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames  along with Paul Tauke discussed 15,000 trees that are under the care of the Ames Forester.
And Anna Banana closed out the hour with another delightful installment of Tune in Tuesdays at KHOI, the Heart of Iowa.

The Footsteps of Kate Shelley (Vault)

Originally broadcast 03/16/2022 

Hosts Gina McAndrews and Susan Franzen take a road trip to "walk in the footsteps of Kate Shelley" in sites on Honey Creek, the Shelley Farm, and Moingona to help imagine the dramatic events of July 8, 1881, when Kate Shelley, a teenage girl, braved a driving storm to crawl across the railroad bridge spanning the flooded Des Moines River to warn the station master at Moingona that a railroad bridge on Honey Creek was washed out. The broadcast was interrupted due to technical difficulties, but to hear the whole thing, including a visit to the Shelley Farm and the ghostly bridge on Honey Creek,and a tour of the Moingona Station, listen here for the voices of Misty McNally, author of Kate Shelley: Heroine of the High Bridge, Pam Schwartz, executive director of the Boone County Historical Center, Joseph Reutter, owner of the Enchanted Valley Tree Farm (located on the Shelley land).

LOCAL TALK 11 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/14/2022 

Listen to the entire episode now! 

Local Talk for Friday, March 11, 2022 started with a recap of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.

Recently, there was a gathering at the Iowa Capitol in support of the people in Ukraine.  Here is a recording from last Monday after Kate Krzystolik from Poland gave her address at the Capitol.  It is now day 16 of the war in Ukraine.

Sustainability Director for the City of Ames, Merry Rankin is unable to join us for her monthly segment, yet provided some positive information concerning a recent Symposium on Sustainability. 

A number of years ago, Merry had been introduced to the deeply poignant work of Chris Jordan. Chris is the artist that captured the collective impact of individual decisions, so powerfully, through his collection, “Intolerable Beauty – Portraits of American Mass Consumption.” 

Merry emphasized a message from Chris juxtaposing “Intolerable Beauty” with his most recent collection, “Emerging Beauty.”  

Chris’ words were also so well connected to a companion event for the Symposium on Sustainability, Sustainapalooza.  And Sustainapalooza was reviewed by a fabulous intern team that made it happen.  Ashley Kleve and Valentine Chenus, two sophomores at Iowa State University provided an enlightened background of Sustainapalooza that 400 people attended.

Jean Eells President of E Resources Group rounded out the hour with information about her sustainable agriculture group. Workshops are planned in April that will discuss a healthy inclusion of cover crops and no-till agriculture.  Anywhere farmers and land-owners hoping to address the “leaks” in their farming practices will be highlighted.  Jean explained leaks as anything from nitrogen and phosphorous to profits that producers lose due to farming practices that do not include cover crops and no till.  Workshops will be carried via Zoom on April 1 and April 15 noon to 2PM.  Workshop information can be found at eresourcesgroup.com.

Music for the program was by local musician Rose Griffin from her cd Slick Rock Walker.  We heard Behind the Lodge, and Heyah.


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