LOCAL TALK 14 June 2022

Originally broadcast 06/14/2022 

Heat Index is High for the next few days so we take the time to remind listeners to take the neccessay precautions.

Sam Wormley informs and remind listeners that we are in the midst of our Spring Fund Drive and asks current members to renew and increase their contributions if possible and instruct those non member listeners how to sign-up and donate to keep our community radio station, KHOIFM on air.

Casey Struecker, our new Story County Conservation Outreach and Communications Coordinator  shares a bit of her background with listeners and reviews their Events Calendar, summer day camps, status and increase activities at Hickory Park, construction project at the West Peterson Park swim area and covers some other upcoming events.  

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames reminds us of the City Council meeting schedule and talks about the Concert in the Bandshell park Thursday evening.    Ames Electric Services Director Donald Kom gives a preview of the weather week ahead and its potential impact on the electric system.  Don reviews a number of conservation tips and stresses the need to plan your electrical activities and use during low peak demand times.

KHOI’s Mike Murphy, attended the March for your life gathering held in Ames, Iowa in response to the increase in gun violence.  We listen to interviews and citizen speeches heard during the event.

LOCAL TALK 10 June 2022

Originally broadcast 06/10/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, June 10, 2022 started with a summary of the week’s news from throughout Iowa by Dennis Hart. 

Merry Rankin, Sustainability Director for the City of Ames and Iowa State University invited David Inyang to talk about the 50th year of Environmental Health and Safety that will celebrated with a Friday afternoon birthday party.  The gathering will be this afternoon 3:30PM 2408 Daily Drive.

Tom Richards, local musician extraordinaire gave a brief history of the music scene in Ames from 50 plus years ago.  Richards and other local talent from the era will be performing this evening, June 10 at Mother’s Pub in commemoration of the Ames Reunion.  This event is a gathering of people from 1960s through 1980s June 10, 11, and 12.  People can go to the website amesreunion.org to learn more about festivities at the Great Hall in the Memorial Union 3PM – 10PM Saturday and Brookside Park 11AM Sunday, June 12.

Music featured the Jug Band from a live recording at Rippey’s Orchard Bar in  1973.

The first ten years - What you can hear only on KHOI

Originally broadcast 06/08/2022 

In launching the first week of our spring fund drive, we showcased the kind of programs that are available on KHOI and nowhere else in the area. Starting with a road trip to visit James H. Andrew (benefactor of the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum) telling of his family's arrival in Iowa in a boxcar, we discussed the value of KHOI's  well-catalogued archive. Then from Ken Birt and Gina McAndrews we learned about Star 1 Search and Rescue - a volunteer organization trained in tracking with horses and dogs. As part of our regular feature on community theatre productions throughout our area, we spoke with Cheryl Clark  about Cry It Out , the play currently on the stage at Ankeny Community Theatre.

Coming home to KHOI itself,  and how it got on the air in August 2012, we played an archived interview between Ursula Ruedenberg, whose role in the every step of KHOI was huge, and Paul Nelson, who was our chief engineer as we navigated the steps to connecting our station in Ames to our broadcast tour near Story City.  Going full circle we spoke with two naturalists about how farming developed in Iowa -- Steve Lekwa and Adam Janke.

LOCAL TALK 7 June 2022

Originally broadcast 06/07/2022 

Listen to the entire episode now! 

Its fund raising week so we visit with our listeners throughout the broadcast about their vital role and the need for them to provide monitary contributions to keep KHOI on air. 

At the top of the broadcast we reminded listeners to get out and vote because today is Iowa’s June primary.

Dr. Molly Lee, Story County Board of Health

Provided COVID-19 updates in Story County, reviewed the vaccination availabilty for all age groups including the youngest of those eligible.  Second boosters are available for appropriate groups

Dr. Lee’s  Influenza virus report shows that the season is nearing its end.

We review Avian influenza,  and discuss the Monkey Pox outbreak in humans and its symptoms. 

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames 

Reviews the opening Bandshell concert and reminds us the City Council will meet the 14th and 28th of the month.

Parks and Recreation Director Keith Abraham gives an update on the Downtown Plaza, Furman Aquatics Center, Daley Splash Pad, Brookside Wading Pool, and Ada Hayden Heritage Park.                                        

KHOI’s Pat  Schlarbaum Interviews Rose Rollenhagen and  Rippey’s Orchard for the upcoming “Ames Reunion.”.

Memorial Day 2022

Originally broadcast 05/30/2022 

With the Memorial Day Parade and Program organized by the Ames Patriotic Council, we devoted a lot of our show to providing information for those who want to participate either in person or virtually at www.facebook.com/AmesPatrioticCouncil/events and www.AmesPatrioticCoLuncil.org.

Lt. Col. Matthew Harvey (ret.) the speaker at the program in the Ames Cemetery,  talked with us about the meaning of Memorial Day, both as a day to honor those who have given their all for their country and for non-military loved ones.  We also discussed the importance of the Fort Des Moines Museum, where the first Black officers were trained during the First World War. Paul Wierson,  who was familiar with Fort Des Moines during World War II continued that story from that war in which the first Women Officers were trained at Fort Des Moines.  Paul also discussed how the state of Iowa, with the dedicated support of veteran's organizations, maintains even country cemeteries where soldiers were buried.


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