COVID-19 RESPONSE: Ames Schools, Ames CIty Manager's Office

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/30/2020
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Dennis Hart provides a summary of Iowa news during the past week.

Eric Smidt, Director of Ames Schools Community and Media Relations gives an update on the schools during the COVID-19 crisis, with all schools in Iowa have been closed since Mid-March. School District staff have continued to be remotely operational, with guidance from the Department of Education. The Department of Education has waived the required 1080 instructional hours with students, and students will still be able to graduate this Spring. There is a food pick-up service out of Meeker, Mitchell, and Sawyer Schools.

There is a digital learning resource website. Lessons from these are printed out for those without Internet access, and can be received at the food pick-up sites.

Ames Public Relations Officer Susan Gwiasda introduces Deb Schildroth. Assistant Ames City Manager.Schildroth described how city staff is continuing to work during the crisis. City workers are being allowed 80 hours COVID-19 leave, including part-time and contractors to help ensure safety. The City Manager's Office seeks communictaion and welcomes yur calls if there is something you need. The best number to call them is 239-510-1239 5101.

Anna Banana brig more Heart to Heart Messages. Send a message, over the air, for the community or people you love. Text your message to 515-808-1742.

COVID-19 RESPONSE: Representative Ross Wilburn, Fire Chief Rich Higgins, & Senate Candidate Cal Woods

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/26/2020
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Iowa House Representative Ross Wilburn for District 46 discussed the President’s emergency declaration, explained the chain of command during emergency with the Governor's declarations serving as law. He also notified us of the SBA grants coming down as a result of federal "CARES Act"  Grants and loans are for small businesses and no-profit organizations. If you are one of these, contact the SBA web site immediately. to For a forgivable Payroll Protection Program to fund 2 months payroll, utilities, rent, and/or mortgage, contact your bank immediately to  apply for this forgivable loan. 

Cal Woods, contender for the democratic candidate's seat for US Senator introduced himself and this positions, which he claims reassert Iowa values. He also spokeon the importance of health care.

Susan Gwiasda Ames Public Relations Officer brought Fire Chief Rich Higgins to discuss transport care for possible Covid19 patients, procedures for Covid19 adaptations at the fire stations, and plans to develop an on-line virtual tour of the fire station for people staying at home to enjoy. 

COVID hotline number is 211.


And Anna Banana included another Heart to Heart Messages segment with a special shout out to Friendship Ark.  To send Anna your message for the air, text 515-809-0077.  

COVID-19 RESPONSE: Fears and Reassurance

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/24/2020
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As the Local Talk guests, sheltering in place at home, gather in the KHOI studio via ZOOM technology, we explore a family story from Trevor Soderstrom that takes us back to the Pandemic of 1918. Bringing us up to the present we  heard from Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, Representative from District 45, with issues she is hearing from her constituents -- concerns about the need to "shelter in place," the fate of small businesses, and people without adequate health insurance.  And finally Susan Gwiasda brought us Don Kom, director of Electric Services in Ames, who reassured us that there is no danger of an energy shortage.  "Anna Banana" (Anna Magnusson) brought us the first of "Heart to Heart" Messages. You can text her at 515-809-0077 or email with "Heart to Heart" in the subject line. 

COVID-19 RESPONSE: Thinking About Pandemic The Influenza of 2018

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/20/2020
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of local News from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Carolyn Raffensberger the Director of the Science and Environmental Health Foundation, shares inspiration and motivation in thinking about COVID-19 and emergency status declared by Governor Kim Reynolds. She explored preparation mentality and seed-saving, amoung other things.

Alex Fejfar from Ames Historic Museum described our community during another pandemic: the Influenza outbreak of 1918. 



COVID-19 RESPONSE: Mayor John Haila

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/19/2020
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Ames Mayor John Haila was with us today to give an overview of all the government agencies, university departments, and non-profit organizations that have been coordinating over the past several weeks to guide local citizens of all ages as safely as possible through the coronavirus caused difficulties of closed schools, access to food, maintaining essential services and how to receive necessary health care.  In future programs we will have leaders in all these areas on Local Talk to give us more detailed information. Our host for today, and for much of the Local Talk Series "COVID-19 Response:" is Anne Kinzel, who has served as both a hospital lawyer and health care lawyer. 



COVID-19 RESPONSE: Health and Food in crisis, Senate Candidate Theresa Greenfield, Health

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/18/2020
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Members of Our Local Talk Team gathered useful information about 
  1. Store hours and deliveries -- check your favorite grocery stores and pharmacies for changed hours and delivery options 
  2. Meals for school children through the Ames Community Schools
  3. United Way's Hunger CollaborationFood at First and the Salvation Army
  4. McFarland Clinic's information line 
  5. How to conduct county business online -- including paying property taxes
We also had two interviews.  Cal Haliburton brought us some thoughts from Theresa Greenfield, Democratic Primary Challenger for Senate Seat of Incumbent Joni Ernst. And Carolyn Raffensperger ended with a reflection on Health and our Relation to the Land. 




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