LOCAL TALK 4 February 2022

Originally broadcast 02/04/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, February 4, 2022 started with recap of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart. Carolyn Raffensberger, Director of Science and Environmental Network, discussed Pfas or Perflourinated Carbons that were recently discovered in Ames drinking water.  A Science and Environmental Health Network newsletter will be on their website soon. Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer with the City of Ames included Angie DeWaard this week.  Ms. DeWaard is Public Arts Commission Chair and shared information about two public art programs currently underway and how residents can get involved.  Also, today is the deadline for applying for a City Board or Commission. Jess Soderstrum with ISU Extension for Story County filled the hour with two Programs:  No School Day programs that will occur for kindergarten thru 6th grade students Feb. 18 in Story City, and Feb. 21 at Gilbert.  Pre-registration is required at website listed below.  And a six week “The Mindful Teen” workshop will be held Thursday nights free for teens 12 – 18 years.  Additional information can be located at their website.

LOCAL TALK 1 February 2022

Originally broadcast 02/01/2022 

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Dr. Molly Lee, Story County Board of Health provides the latest updates on a COVID and influenza virus . We visit about  the charge of the county board of health and review the different staff and what they follow and report (e.g., public health, environmental health, YSS, etc.). KHOI’s Greta Anderson visited with Lauris Olson and her Story County housing initiative. Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames and Neil Weiss Assitant Director of Water and Pollution Control. with city council updates and reminders for applicant deadlines for boards and commissions and information on future projects for the water department. Carl Markley insidegolf/perfect games “Hawk” throwing commonly referred to as axe throwing talks about this game and its increasing popularity.

LOCAL TALK 31 January 2022

Originally broadcast 01/31/2022 

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Dennis Hart Provides us with his summary of our local news. A Snowy Owl’s presence in the Ames area is attacting a number of folks, including a few who have traveled many miles to take advantage of this opportunity.  We visit with some of the “owl Watchers” and Dr. Tyler Harms, Biometrician with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources shares information on the bird’s natural history. KHOI’s Sam Wormley, a frequent contributor to Local Talk and cohost of Science Bytes reviews some alternate transportation options other than internal combustion engines for reducing our Carbon footprint. Steve Lauber, Bike World shares information and answers questions about electric assist bicycles and their growing popularity.

Remembering Carole Horowitz

The KHOI family is saddened and diminished by the death of Carole Horowitz, who has been a long time member, supporter, producer, and general cheerleader for community radio in central Iowa, as embodied in this station.

She shared her interest, knowledge, and community connections in all kinds of arts with our listening audience through her “KHOI Previews the Arts” program, and her regular partnership with Roger Berger in presenting and commenting on musical theater has been a beloved feature of the KHOI locally produced line-up.

More than that, though, we will miss her enthusiastic personality, and her conviction that we could surmount all kinds of obstacles to create and maintain quality radio at KHOI.  Hail and farewell, Carole.

LOCAL TALK 28 January 2022

Originally broadcast 01/28/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, January 28, 2022 featured a news summary by Dennis Hart.  John Howe, Director of Raptor Resource Project provided an update of famous Decorah Eagle Nesting Pair.  Also an exciting project new to NE Iowa, SE Minnesota, and SW Wisconsin called the Driftless is placing transmitters on four Golden Eagles.  Golden Eagles are similar to Bald Eagles yet are primarily a western bird of expansive grasslands.  Apparently a relic Golden Eagle population make the Driftless their overwinter destination.  Ames Recycling Center Supervisor, Bill Schmitt, encouraged restraint of natural resources.  To create less garbage or throw away items is important in our conservation efforts.  And the Climate Action Plan will be strengthened with conservation measures as an overview and priority.  Brian Snell with Historical Black Colleges and Universities welcomed listeners to a CY Steven's performance of Drumline live scheduled for Saturday night, 7PM with a portion of each ticket going to KHOI if you go to KHOIFM.org for tickets.

Intellectual Freedom

Originally broadcast 01/26/2022 

All the guests on today's Local Talk discussed  ways they were combating the threats to learning, from book banning to censuring teachers through bills in the Iowa legislature.  We started with an archived discussion about teaching and research in history by ISU Professors Brian Behnken and Amy Ruetenberg in response to legislative attempts to prevent teaching of the 1619 project.  

Randy Evans,executive director of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council, spoke about the politically opportunistic attacks on teachers. 

Moving from schools to libraries,  Amanda Vasquez ,  Chair of the  Intellectual Property Committee of the Iowa Library Association, formerly director of the Orange City library, told her story.   

To cap off the hour we played an excerpt from the  January 24 Moral Monday "Underfunding and over-managing our public schools" led by Connie Ryan, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance, with guests Senator Herman Quirmbach (Ames); Rep. Sharon Steckman (Mason City); and Melissa Peterson, Iowa State Education Association.


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