LOCAL TALK 29 June 2021

Originally broadcast 06/29/2021 

Interview with Luke Feilmeier, Hickory Grove Park ranger, Story County Conservation Board about the massive lake restoration project nearing completion and about the rededication ceremony scheduled for July 10th. Susan Gwiasda reviews 4th of July activities in Ames. Ames Fire Chief, Rich Higgins  gives an overview of the recent Union Pacific train derailment and response to the incident and explain how different organizations work together during critical incidents to promote public safety.

The Forge, CIRAS, Ames Juneteenth

Originally broadcast 06/23/2021 

Chris Deal gave us a follow up on the Community Academy  and other community programs built in Jefferson to prepare students in Greene County and towns in western Iowa for high tech jobs, some connected with a consortium called THE FORGE.  Following that we learned from Ronald Cox the director of CIRAS (Center for Research and Service) Since 1963 CIRAS has been partnering with Iowa companies and communities to help them prosper and grow. We closed the program with a visit to the Ames Celebration of Juneteenth organized by Black Lives Matter where we spoke of A'Ja Lyons about issues of injustice that still need to be addressed.

LOCAL TALK 22 June 2021

Originally broadcast 06/22/2021 

Listen to the entire episode now! 

Sam Wormley, Cohost of KHOI’s Science Bytes shares the observation that day length is shortening as we revolve around our sun. Learn about the new Miracle Park located adjacent Inis Grove Park: Ursula Ruedenberg interviews users of the new park. We review the information about the ribbon cutting ceremony that will be held on the 26th of June ( originally scheduled for November of 2020 but was postponed due to COVID-19 precautions. Michayla Vande Berg, ISU Extension Agricultural and Natural Resources Coordinator visits with us about the numerous youth and extension activities scheduled for the upcoming month. Energy Services Coordinator Kayley Barrios Lain for the City of Ames. Updates us on progress as we witness the growth of more hybrid and electric vehicle use. Discusses the location of additional charging stations; availability, location and charge time of the stations these fast charge units: How long, location of charge stations, and additional installations, near the intersection of Hgwy 30/I35 and ribbon cutting for commissioning these.

CAPITOL WEEK 21 June 2021

Originally broadcast 06/21/2021 

Listen to Capitol Week - in-depth information about local politics and Iowa government hosted by Laura Belin and Dennis Hart. Laura and Dennis take an in-depth look at the week’s legislative actions, government agencies, the governor, and other events that affect the Iowa government. This show  takes you behind the scenes, as lawmakers and elected officials act on matters that affect you and your family.

LOCAL TALK 18 June 2021

Originally broadcast 06/18/2021 

Dennis Hart reviews the news for this week from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Josie Mulvihill (Mol Va Hill) is a young woman from Des Moines Iowa who spoke recently at a Black Lives Matter gathering.  Josie was interviewed by KHOI reporter, Pat Schlarbaum, to learn more about, “How the murder of George Floyd has changed our perspectives.” 

Tom and Doug  along with their traveling band are performing this Saturday 19th,  from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Dog Eared Books located at 203 Main Street, Ames, Iowa.  This is a community fundraiser for our KHOI FM Community Radio So please attend and help support your community radio station
Susan Gwiasda Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames and Keith Abraham, Director of Parks and Recreation. Reviewed Rummage Rampage sale for the nonprofit organizations

Keith reviews summer camps and activities started this week, updates the celebration for the Miracle Park and Field is scheduled for June 26th and provides an update on the new dock construction at Ada Hayden updates on parks and new projects!


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