IRIS, Bloomington, Miss Hollie, Talent Factory

Originally broadcast 03/09/2022 

Del Christiansen director of IRIS, Iowa Resource for International Service, told us how this organization got started over twenty-five years ago after the collapse of the Soviet Union,  training Ukrainian journalists in open and transparent journalism and how that work has continued.

Then we visited Bloomington Cemetery, a pioneer cemetery that has just been annexed by Ames.  This archived tour from 2014 was guided by Ursula Ruedenberg  and Story County Natural Resources Coordinator, Amy Yokum.

We turned to Huxley where we visited with Hollie at Miss Hollie's Preschool and learned about the Ballard pre-schools.

We ended with a visit with Larry Sloan at The Talent Factory who has lots of news about the future of entertainment in Nevada.

LOCAL TALK 8 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/08/2022 

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Mike Murphy had an opportunity to be present at the Ukranian Rally in Des Moines this past weekend and recorded portions of the event to share with our listeners.

Beth Waage, Naturalist with Story County Conservation joins us for our regular monthly visit with Conservation.  She reviews a number of the activities planned for the upcoming weeks and describes a bit about some of the activites and defines for us what a naturalist does. 

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames  provides updates for the upcoming week’s meetings as well as providing us with some insights regarding the Ames Energy Survey available for citizens to provide their comments then Stormwater Analyst Liz Calhoun has information about upcoming meetings regarding Ioway Creek bank stabilization and habitat renovation and upgrades for the portions adjacent to Brookside Park and the immediate neighborhood.

LOCAL TALK 4 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/04/2022 

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Local Talk for Friday, February 4, 2022 started with recap of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.  

Carolyn Raffensberger, Director of Science and Environmental Network, discussed Pfas or Perflourinated Carbons that were recently discovered in Ames drinking water.  A Science and Environmental Health Network newsletter will be on their website soon.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer with the City of Ames included Angie DeWaard this week.  Ms. DeWaard is Public Arts Commission Chair and shared information about two public art programs currently underway and how residents can get involved.  Also, today is the deadline for applying for a City Board or Commission. 

Jess Soderstrum with ISU Extension for Story County filled the hour with two Programs:  No School Day programs that will occur for kindergarten thru 6th grade students Feb. 18 in Story City, and Feb. 21 at Gilbert.  Pre-registration is required at website listed below.  And a six week “The Mindful Teen” workshop will be held Thursday nights free for teens 12 – 18 years.  Additional information can be located at their website.

The Ioway People, Marie Peason NAGPRA

Originally broadcast 03/02/2022 

Tribal Preservation historian, Lance Foster honored the airwaves with Ioway history, justification for renaming the creek, and an update of current Ioway activities.  The Ioway Nation perseveres. 

Iowa Archeologist, David Gradwohl, introduced us to Maria Pearson (Running Mocasins in her native Yankton Sioux language). Her friend, Jerome Thompson, Administrator at the Iowa State Historical Society, continued to discuss her concern with the treatment of native American burials, for which she is internationally known as the mother of NAGRPRO.

LOCAL TALK 1 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/01/2022 

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Dr. Molly Lee, Story County Board of Health joins us with the latest information on COVID-19 and helps us interprete the new guidelines announced by the CDC. We also update seasonal influenza numbers and discuss the growing concern about an avian influenza strain that is infecting poultry flocks and the concern it raises regarding our poultry as it relates to our food supply.

A visit with Sara Carmichael, Story County Watershed Coordinator to discuss watersheds, IDNR announce impaired waters,  water quality and some ways to treat surface waters before entering our local ponds, streams, and rivers. 

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames  along with Resource Recovery Plant Superintendent Bill Schmitt will discuss the importance of waste reduction, and announce some upcoming spring events that include “Stash the Trash Day”, Ioway Creek steam clean-up, a free yard waste drop-off day, and notification of tours to visit the resource recovery plant.

LOCAL TALK 28 February 2022

Originally broadcast 02/28/2022 

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Dennis Hart does a stellar job of reviewing and providing us with his summary of of our local news.  With spring getting closer and days becoming warmer a message for those of you who have oak trees  and fruit trees to prune the ideal time to do so is fast approaching. Pat Schlarbaum had an opportunity to visit with Jim Rock of Ames Story Tree Service an award winning arborist who shares some of his knowledge about proper tree care. Pat Schlarbaum provides us with a wonderful phenology as he introduces us to a discussion about the natural history on the Northern Cardinal. We join Wolf Osterreicht, naturalist and chronicler, on location at Ada Hayden Heritage Park as he shares his daily observations and updates us on some information about the Trumpeter Swan. Pat provides us with an interview with Mike Havelik, Dallas County naturalist and some of the other observers as they take part in a recent Bald Eagle watch held at the Cottonwood area just below the Saylorville Dam along the Des Moines river.


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