LOCAL TALK 25 January 2022

Originally broadcast 01/25/2022 

Our monthly visit with Stephanie and Todd Burras owners of  Ames-Wildbirds Unlimited     
review some of the various Citizen Science birdcounts folks can participate in and we highlight the Brown Creeper, a bird with some interesting characteristics.
Kevin Bourke with the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau; Discusses the Ames Bureau’s mission, how it interacts with visitors and potential residents as well as highlighting Ames as a meeting place for visitors, small groups, meeting sites, and venue for organizations and annual conventions. 
Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames shares updates on council meetings and public meeting as the CIP works on the next year’s budget.  Assistant City Manager, Deb Schildroth  adresses the roll of a board liason; reviews the responsibilities are to help those volunteers serving on city boards and commissions and helps the board/commission carry out its mission.   Applications are accepted through Friday, Feb. 4 on the City website.

LOCAL TALK 21 January 2022

Originally broadcast 01/21/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, January 21 kicked off with the news summary this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.  CO2 Pipelines received an update from environmental spokesperson for Iowa Sierra Club, Jess Mazour.  A third pipeline is now proposed for Iowa to siphon CO2 from ethanol and power plants to be stored underground.  Keith Abraham, Parks and Rec Supervisor appeared with Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames.  Mr. Abraham provided updates on the planned Indoor Aquatic Center.  Also the handicap accessible boat ramp and launch was acknowledged.  And a story is in the works for next week featuring Golden Eagle research by The Raptor Resource Project.  Director, John Howe will provide update for nesting season of the cherished Decorah Eagles also. Music from a No Nukes live concert in 1979 featured John Oates, "Power of the Sun;" Graham Nash, "Cathedral;" and Jesse Colin Young, "Get Together."


Originally broadcast 01/19/2022 

Following the Story County Report from Leanne Harter, Special Projects Manager for Story County, we heard from  Dana James, former Des Moines Register reporter, about her online publication Black Iowa News and its coverage of the Johnston School Board meeting. She also introduced us to the organization Johnston Parents For EquitythandAnti-Racism, first through Lya Williams, who described the School Board Meeting, then Luana Nelson-Brown, who elaborated on the threat she sees from ignoring what happened. Both introduced us to the concept of "otherness," which is simply being different from white, Christian, "normal" people of the community, especially students.

Expanding the issue of Intellectual Freedom to public libraries, we heard from Amanda Vasquez, chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the Iowa Library Association, describing the conflict over LGBT books in the Orange City Library, which resulted in her resignation as director and subsequent move to Director of Dubuque District Library Association.

LOCAL TALK 14 January 2022

Originally broadcast 01/14/2022 

Local Talk for Friday January 14, 2022 featured Dennis Hart news summary of the week from Ames Tribune. A tribute to passing of Clyde Bellecourt followed.  Anna Gray, Public Policy Director with Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation discussed Fund the Trust legislative goals for 2022.  Merry Rankin Sustainability Director with Ames and ISU invited Lydia Youngquist and Lucia Rizzo to discuss upcoming Smart Business Challenge Luncheon January 20 at 11:35AM.  Sign up today for luncheon at CityofAmes.org.  Wolf Oestreich provided summary of waterfowl at Ada Hayden Heritage Park.  Music was Chiriqua Dawn and Pachamomma by Big Blue Sky.

Communities in Central Iowa

Originally broadcast 01/12/2022 

This program consisted of voices from little known communities in central Iowa starting with Marcellina from the Hispanic Community of St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church in Ames; Johnathan Buffalo, director of historic preservation for the Meskwaki Cultural Center; Louise O’Donnell from the Slater Area Historical Association; and Paul Leuth of the Sudanese  Community.

LOCAL TALK 11 January 2022

Originally broadcast 01/11/2022 

Listen to the entire episode now! 
Julia McGuire; Coordinator for 1000 Friends of Iowa, 

2021 BEST DEVELOPMENT AWARD RECIPIENTS  Celebrates iowa’s Development Heros and recognizes smart growth principles across Iowa. We review and discuss a number of the 7 awardee projects.

Erica Place, Outreach Coordinator for StoryvCounty Conservation joins us for our monthly visit.  We discuss planned activities for the month of January in and around Story Counties conservation properties. Also talk about the counties latest public conservation property and  highlight a public survey offered to help guide the conservation staff in their planning efforts. 

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames: updates on city council meeting and remindes community of Christmas tree disposal hours. Susan introduces us to

Public Arts Commission (PAC) member Angie DeWaard who represents City volunteers kicking off outreach efforts for City Boards and Commissions recruitment.  Ames residents are encouraged to apply to be appointed to a City Board or Commission. Angie discusses how and why she got involved, what her Commission does, and how others can get involved. 
Anna, Magnusson  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.
Offering Poems, Music, and a review of Tuesday programs; 
Tom Russell’s; All Things Piano, Donna Prizgintas and Lana Nachtigal’s; Donna-Lana Kitchen, Mary Richard’s Community Bookshelf,  KHOI Jukebox with Eric B, Science Bytes with Sam Wormley and Mike Meetz, Anna Magnusson’s Heart2Heart along with a sneak peek at 

Thursday’s, You Name It , presented by Mike Murphy.


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