LOCAL TALK 2 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/02/2022 

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Dr. Molly Lee, Story County Board of Health joins us and provides the most recent COVID-19 updates for Story County, Monkey Pox infection updates, discusses the Poliovirus case in New York, and reviews seasonal heat stress precautions to practise with the severe weather heat/humidity we are experiencing. Dr. Lee also discusses Story County Public Health’s implementation of some health services/programs for seniors and the programs Home Health Services is offering mental health first aid trainings. Steve Lekwa; Naturally Speaking: We visit with Steve about some of his recent observations and about the dog days of summer and American Golfinches”. Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames  Reminds listeners about the Rummage Rampage event going on and about the National Night Out: A welcome and meet and greet event with Ames police and other officials. Ames Energy Services Coordinator, Joel Zook reminds us to watch our power use as temperatures rise and asks residents to reduce electric consumption. Joel shares tips and ideas on conservation practices and addresses the value of a home energy audit and speaks to future alternative energy (power) source needs. Renee Klaus and Lexy Risdal fill us in on the upcoming Gilbert Days (5th and 6th of August) Our conversation covers the music activities and other events, the schedule as well as the online maps indicationg the locations of activities..

LOCAL TALK 22 July 2022

Originally broadcast 07/22/2022 

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Dennis Hart provides us with an indepth summary of last week’s news from our local newspaper.

Pat Schlarbaum spent some time with  Carolyn Rathensperger as she discusses what’s on her mind during these tumultous times.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames reminds residents to conserve their energy needs as much as posible and avoid the peak demand energy hours.  She also reminds us that road construction is in full swing and next week she will have one of the engineers as a guest to provide the latest information and construction updates. 

Ames Public Art Commission (PAC) Commissioner Angie DeWaard; PAC describes soliciting artists to paint decommissioned fire hydrants for display at the Ames Dog Park. We also discuss the various art projects displayed around the community how these works are chosen and displayed and what is involved in finding future locations for the pieces. 

Sam Wormley previews an upcoming performance of the Central Iowa Symphony and shares some background on his association with the group.  Then we discuss the  Apple Help Group, an OLLI (Osheir Life Long Learning Institute ) inspired service that helps Apple users and users of other devices and is sponsored by the Ames Public Library.

LOCAL TALK 19 July 2022

Originally broadcast 07/19/2022 

Doctor's of Veterinary Medicine, Margaret Musser and Jen Scaccianoce will help answer questions about the segments and introduce Dr. Jen Scaccianoce, who is a primary care veterinarian at ISU will answer questions about boarding pets, vaccinations, and considerations for taking pets on vacation.

Lauris Olson, Founder and President of Homes Allies, Inc.  updates on  her Story County housing initiative.

Housing Coordinator Vanessa Baker-Latimer has an update on Housing activities and provides tips on what to look for when renting residential property.

Amy Juhnke, Ames Public Library Foundation's upcoming Pub Fiction pub crawl, a literary pub crawl in downtown Ames.

LOCAL TALK 12 July 2022

Originally broadcast 07/12/2022 

This Thursday the 17th of July learn about The Water of Ada Hayden Lake – its origin, source of water, and relationship to the Ames water supply? Join Bill Simpkins, ISU Hydrogeology Professor Emeritus, for an enlightening explanation of these topics. Meet at the Calhoun Park parking lot at the southeast side of the lake at 7:00 pm. We will walk from there across Dawes Drive, turn left on the bike path, and walk to a great view of the lake. Don’t miss this opportunity to quiz a local water expert!

Also a reminder to Join Prairie Rivers of Iowa this Friday July15th from 5 to 7 PM for Butterflies, Bees, and Brew at the Alluvial Brewing Company. This is a fun evening fundraiser celebrating Iowa’s pollinators and Prairie Rivers of Iowa To check out the details go to prrcd.org

Tim Read, local artist, will tell about the upcoming series of Family Fun Hour programs, North Grand Mall and his methods of involving art in the presentation and interactions with youngsters young and old.

Story County Conservation Outreach and Communications Coordinator; Casey Struecker.  reviews the Events Calendar for the Story County Conservation System reviews summer day camps and reviews the Hickory Park  and West Peterson status We also visit about OWLS programing and volunteer needs?

LOCAL TALK 11 July 2022

Originally broadcast 07/11/2022 

Local Talk for Monday, July 11, 2022 started with a news summary from throughout Iowa by Dennis Hart. 

Fred Love from ISU Center told about upcoming programs at CY Stephens this summer. Additional information can be located at their website:  center.iastate.edu.  

Eric Schmidt, Communication Director for the Ames High School System discussed plans of new school opening.  Additional information can be located at their website:  ames.k12.ia.us.  

Melissa Spencer, Story County Emergency Management Coordinator, talked about her new position with Emergency Management. Additional information can be located at their website:  storycntyiaem@storycountyiowa.gov.  

Music was provided by Tears to Fears, No Small Things.

LOCAL TALK 5 July 2022

Originally broadcast 07/05/2022 

Dr. John Paschen, Story County Board of Health reviews the COVID-19 data for Story County and speaks to the availability and vaccine choices for children. Upcoming COVID-19 vaccine changes and plans to consider for 2022 fall season.  We also review the health concerns with the severe weather heat/humidity we are experiencing.

Steve Lekwa; Naturally Speaking.  Former Director of Story County Conservation Steve Lewkwa remineses about the past 44 years as the writer of his outdoor column.  We also visit about a tree planting project he is involved with at Camp Matigwa Boy Scout Camp. 

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames  along with Fleet Support Manager Rich Iverson, with the Ames Fleet and Facilities Department, talks about the City incorporating biofuels. Rich has years of data into this collaborative venture.

Sam Wormley OLLI at ISU highlights some summer opportunities available, Central Iowa Symphony updates, and provides some imformation about the James Webb Telescope as the space agency prepares to release the first images next week.


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