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Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 02/12/2020
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Our show started with Leanne Harter and the Story County Report.   Then we took a road trip to visit Loyal Winborn, the coffee roaster in Jewell.  By then we were awake enough to learn from Madalyn Anderson, Story County Democratic Chair, about the ongoing problems of the Iowa Democratic Party's demands from campaigns for re-canvas of caucus results. Angelica Parsons, delegate to the Democratic Convention, told us what inspired her and Marsha and Mark Olinghouse reported on the Republican Party "celebrity caucus" in Ankeny. The balance of our program consisted of announcements about events for the last two weeks in February from Crystal Davis of the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau.  

Coronavirus, Iowa Democratic Party, Iowa Caucus

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 02/10/2020
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Keith Morgan, StoryCounty Emergency Coordinator, and Teresa Ferrari from Story County PublicHealth give an update on the status of the Novel 2019 Coronavirus in Central Iowa. Following that is an explanation of the characteristics, types, and origins of the various Coronaviruses, some which are deadly, and some which cause the common cold most of us will have during this winter. The deadly Novel 2019 Coronavirus currently in the news has not become a significant threat at this time in central Iowa.

Iowa DemocraticParty Chair Troy Price issued a statement on February 7 that the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) reported the last remaining records of voting result from the 1,765 precincts across Iowa, the nation, and overseas, on Thursday. However, they gave candidates’ campaigns until noon on February 8 to submit evidence of data entry inaccuracies, and that the IDP will give candidates’ campaigns an extended period of time to request a re-canvass or re-count – with a deadline of Monday February 10th at noon.

Other questions surrounding the Iowa Caucus reporting are explored, including the people who built it, and whether the IDP has created firewalls to prevent undue influence by the campaigns.Story County Democratic Party Chair Madalyn Anderson addresses the questions to the best of her ability.

John Howe, from the Raptor Resource Project in Decorah gives an update on the famous Decorah Eagles of the videocam, who are laying eggs.  

Going Hollywood, Secret Service, Farce, Satellites

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 02/05/2020
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Sara Jordan-Heintz, our first guest, brought us a discussion of her book GoingHollywood: Midwesterners in Movieland followed by her preview of Larry Adams, with a history of the Secret Service and the fight against counterfeiters for the February 8 Saturday with a Scholar lecture at the  Boone History Center.  Two theatre previews followed -- Joe Ferrell of Roland, one of the stars in "Leading Ladies,the cross-dressing comedy playing at ACTORS in Ames this weekend. Debbie Garner, a star in Ankeny Community Theatre's farce, Don't Dress for Dinner, described a madcap romp in a French farmhouse.  We ended with an Iowa Caucus story about the satellite caucuses from Iowa Capital Dispatch.  

Caucus 101 and Weekend Activities

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 01/29/2020
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We had Judy Trumpy, Organizations Chair for the Story County Republican Party, followed by Madalyn Anderson, chair of the Story County Democratic Party with Democratic Caucus Chair Lewis Rosser to give us detailed descriptions of what we need to know for Caucus night, February 3.  Wes Martin gave us a brief glimpse of how the Democrats "do the math."  Steffen Schmidt, political science professor at Iowa State University and well-known caucus expert gave us the history of caucus development since 1972 as well as "retail politics."  For the weekend we have the Climate Crisis Parade in Des Moines (sponsored by 70 organizations)  while in Ames, Clark Ford's new musical "2020 America I Miss You" will play at Unity Church.  

Getting Ready to Decide (Iowa Caucuses), 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 01/27/2020
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Voter opinion: Mike Sauer from Nevada Iowa explains why he is a swing voter. A former Republican who is unhappy with candidates conforming to party platforms, he explains why he is still undecided about how to vote.

Visitors to Iowa Caucuses:  Kristoffer Hellane, chalk artist from Santa Cruz, California, describes how he does chalk art to build a grassroots support for Bernie Sanders, and explains why he supports Sanders.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi WOrld War 2 concentration and death camp, Auschwitz in Poland. To commemorate the day and in the spirit of never forgetting, Lily Misner in Los Angeles (originally from Poland) , tells her story: as a survivor of Auschwitz.  


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