LOCAL TALK 10 September 2021

Originally broadcast 09/10/2021 

Local Talk Friday, September 10 started off with news summary of the week from Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.  Fred Love encouraged listeners to check Maximum Ames.org for the weekend.  Jeannie Hopper provided compelling documentary of 9 11 in New York City from 2001 when the World Trade Center Towers came down.  Music she encouraged listeners to hear Do It Now by Diatribe Sound.  Susan Gwiasda and Merry Rankin with the City of Ames encouraged people to contact Keith Abraham if they have upgrades or improvements to City Parks at kabraham@City.Ames.ia.us. Leaves and branches drop off at 400 Freel Drive later in October and November. A Prairie Awakening - Awoke will be held tomorrow at Kuehn Conservation Area in Dallas Co. 11AM - 2PM for further information call Chris Adkins 515-202-2552. A Pelican Festival will occur Sunday, September 12 from 11AM - 4PM at Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area.  For further information call 319-330-7013 or google Pelican Festival 2021.  Music featured was Imagine, Can't Shake These Blues by Eilene Jewell and Do It Now by Diatribe Sound.

LOCAL TALK 7 September 2021

Originally broadcast 09/07/2021 

Listen to the entire episode now! 
Dr Molly Lee, Story County Board of Health with updates and information regarding the latest on the COVID-19 virus especially now that students are returning to schools reviews  ‘Swiss Cheese’ model for taking precautions to limit your exposure to the virus. Bryon Dudley joins us to share information about Maximum Ames and connection with PRIDE events occurring this week; Friday and Saturday?  He reviews the venues participating and highlights the musicians involved. Susan Gwiasda Communications Officer for the City of Ames reviews the upcoming free yard waste dates for the fall.  Municipal Engineer Tracy Peterson discusses major construction projects throughout the city includes (Duff/Grand/13th street). Anna, Magnusson  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.

Refreshing and Expanding Ames DIversity CrossWalk, Music for Labor Day

Originally broadcast 09/06/2021 

Dennis Hart gives a rundown of Iowa news from the past week. Ames Mayor John Haila shares his favorite job memories from the past (this includes ice cream). Haila describes the history and meaning of Ames' newly refreshed "Diversity Crosswalk" at 5th Street and Douglas Avenue. He reveals plans to install another such symbol of appreciation and support for diversity in Ames  on Welch Avenue in Campustown. A medley of music about work honors Labor Day.

LOCAL TALK 3 September 2021

Originally broadcast 09/03/2021 

Dennis Hart's recap of the news from the Ames Tribune.  Wolf Oestreich with an update on birding at Ada Hayden Heritage Park.  Ames Parks and Recreation Director, Keith Abraham with an update on Furnam Aquatic Center and the new aquatic center project. Questions can be addressed here. Stefanie Daniel's with ISU Extension for Story County gives public sciences program updates.  Their phone number is 515-337-1601.

COVID Among Blacks, Masterlanplan, Wild Rivers Film Festival, 1001 Stories

Originally broadcast 09/01/2021 

Dana James, founder of Black Iowa News, gave us a report on low vaccination rates among Black Iowans (25%) as compared with White Iowans (46%) and her attempts to reach the unvaccinated.  We learned about the music group Masterplan playing at the music festival Shagstock near Boone this weekend from music reporter Greta Anderson.  Mike Kellner from Prairie Rivers described three films from the Wild and Scenic Film Festival taking place October 1.  Topping off the events this month, we heard from Loween Getter, director of "1001 Stories," a reader's theatre production of Webster City Community Theatre on September 10 and 11 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11.


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