Ames School District

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Originally broadcast 08/16/2019
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Ames School DistrictToday's guests included Jenny Risner, the superintendent of the Ames School District, and Eric Smidt, the district's director of communications. Discussion centered on construction of the new Ames High School and a new district swimming pool, the pending addition of new classrooms at three elementary schools, and changes parents might notice when classes start Friday, August 23.

Another guest on today's program was Alex Fejfar of the Ames History Museum, who discussed the museum's upcoming new exhibit, "Uncorked: The Spirited History of Alcohol in Ames." It opens Aug. 24. Discussion involved how Ames was founded as a "dry" town, and on an early incident in Ames history involving an establishment that sold alcohol, much to the dislike of some citizens.

Maggie Westvold's "Minutes with Maggie" segment dealt with her experiences in learning how to drive.

Community Academy, Gun Sense, Collins-Maxwell

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Originally broadcast 08/14/2019
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Community AcademyWe started our show with Leanne Harter giving her Story County Report, followed by Mike Todd and Collin Reichert, science teachers from Ames High School, together with student Elizabeth Burris, telling us about Ames Community Academy . This unique summer 2019 program engaged young people of all ages, from kindergarten through high school, in exploring Brookside Park in depth with the idea of developing a project that would benefit the park and the community of Ames. After this stimulating example of how youth can make a difference, we heard voices from activists and presidential candidates speaking at the Gunsense Forum sponsored by Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, and Students Demand Action. Keeping our focus on youth, we heard from Corey Lunn, the new Superintendent of the Collins-Maxwell School District, telling us about the opportunities available in small schools.

Caucus for Kids, Teenage Loons, Disaster Volunteers

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Originally broadcast 08/12/2019
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Jack SpenceDennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news of the past week.

Mike Meetz, wildlife expert and host of KHOI’s Science Bytes, joins inthe conversations about the “Wild Ones,” discussing crickets in doors and counting adolescent loons in Northern Michigan.

Former state senator Charlie Brunner, Director describes Caucus for Kids, a coalition of children’s service organizations that are raising issues of children’s welfare and safety during “coffee with candidates” meetings and throughout the entire Iowa caucus process.

11- and 12-year-old Thomas Sauer and Jack Spence, both residents of Nevada, explain why they go to question presidential candidates in coffee shop settings and what it means to them to do this.

Story County Emergency Coordinator Keith Morgan and Jessica Babcock, from the Story County Coalition for Disaster Recovery Coordinator to talk about how you can volunteer during times of disaster, and how Jessica coordinates volunteers.

Inclusive Playgrounds and Rummage Rampage

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Originally broadcast 08/09/2019
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Brookside ParkThe program featured Joshua Thompson, parks and facilities superintendent for the City of Ames, talking about the Miracle League Field and Inclusive Playground project, the Brookside Park restroom-renovation project, plans to build a new clubhouse at the Homewood Golf Course, and plans for Edwards Park. He also discussed the ongoing ash tree-removal project in Ames -- necessitated by an invasion of Emerald Ash borers.

Also appearing today were Merry Rankin, who is the sustainability director for ISU and sustainability coordinator for the city of Ames; Susan Gwiasda, public relations officer for the city; and Bill Schmitt, resource recovery superintendent for the city. All discussed the success of the recent Rummage Rampage.

Maggie Westvold ended the broadcast with her ongoing "Minutes with Maggie" segment.

Maxwell, CO2 and Nutrition, Agroforestry, Tim Ryan

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Originally broadcast 08/07/2019
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AgriforestryA road trip to the Old Settlers Days parade in Maxwell introduced the civic pride and historical significance of this small Iowa town including several interviews with local citizens.

Then Jerry Hatfield, Laboratory Director of the National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment, explored the effects of CO2 on the nutrition of Iowa crops. That led to a discussion of Agroforestry with Luke Gran of Prudenterra, a comany that works with landowners to restore prairies, pastures, and woodlands.

And finally we heard from Tim Ryan, recent presidential candidate, talking about regenerative agriculture, workers' issues, and children's questions.


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