Ames Research Park

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/09/2019
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Today's Local Talk featured Rick Sanders, the new president of the Iowa State Research Park, who discussed the park's mission and future.  

Also appearing on the program were Leanne Harter, the Story County Outreach and Special Projects manager, who reported on activities around the county; Don Muff, one of the organizers of the "Run for the Roses" race to benefit arthritis research that will be held Sunday, October 13, at the Ames Middle School; and Loween Getter, who is directing this weekend's production of the stage musical "Annie" in Webster City.  

Ames Planning

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/04/2019
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Today's program featured Kelly Diekmann, the Planning and Housing Director in the city of Ames.  He discussed Ames Plan 2040, which is designed to project and control growth in the city though the year 2040.

Other guests today were Susan Gwiasda, the public relations manager for the city of Ames, and Ames Fire Chief Rich Higgins.  Higgins talked about the city's annual fire station open house, which takes place next Saturday, Oct. 12, and fire safety tips for the upcoming cold-weather.  Gwiasda discussed upcoming events in the city.

Maggie Westvold talked about old-time photography during her "Minutes with Maggie" segment.  

Papal Visit

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/02/2019
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Today's broadcast featured live interviews with KCCI-TV's  Kevin Cooney and Dave Busiek, who covered the visit to Iowa by Pope John Paul II on Oct. 4, 1979.  Both were young reporters at the Des Moines TV station.   Busiek covered the Pope at a church near Cumming.  Cooney covered the Pope at Living History Farms.  They talked about what they saw that October day.  About 350,000 people went out to see the Pope at Living History Farms.

Busiek went on to become news director at KCCI.  He retired last year.  Cooney went on to become the station's top anchor.  He retired in 2015.  

Ames City Council Candidate Van Erdewyk, Bird feeders, Good bye Mr. Cricket

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/30/2019
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa News from last week.

Joe Van Erdewyk, candidate for Ames City Council for the 4th Ward in Ames, introduces himself and explains the vision he brings and the issues he feels are important for the city. 

Dennis and Ursula pay tribute to the recently deceased cricket in KHOI's bathroom. They tell stories of the "Wild Ones" among us (including a squirrel and a wasp).

Pat Schlarbaum gives tips and information about feeding birds with bird feeders.  

What's up In Ames?? Michael Crumb tells All. Susan Franzen in Sweden

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/25/2019
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Dennis Hart and Ursula Ruedenberg discuss recent public events with Ames Tribune editor Michael Crumb, including the case of Carson King, who raised funds by holding up a sign asking for beer money at the recent football game, only to be called out by the Des Moines Register for past tweets seen as racist; the conflict between Iowa State University and University of Iowa after an Iowa band member allegedly suffered broken ribs after the ISU / Iowa football game; the Federal Highway Commission's request that Ames remove its new diversity and inclusion crosswalks, and the female jogger who was recently stabbed near the bandshell park in Ames. Finally we bid a fond farewell to Marlys Barker who is leaving the Tri-County Times with a brief farewell interview and Mr. Crumb gives an update on where the county newspapers are headed. 

Susan Franzen reports from Stockholm, Sweden, where she talks with young people about the recent Climate Strike and with parents who know the family of Greta Thunberg and describe how her activism has affected her home life.  


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