LOCAL TALK 8 April 2022

Originally broadcast 04/08/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, April 08, 2022 started with recap of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart. 

Stephanie Shepherd is a biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Diversity Program. We learned about Prairie Chickens to southern Iowa and a Prairie Chicken gathering tomorrow April 9 at dawn near Kellerton, Iowa. Viewing platform is on 300St. south of Hwy 2.

Merry Rankin, Sustainability Director with the City of Ames and Iowa State University, talked about this Earth Month calendar of events that interns have put together… collecting sustainability events happening throughout Ames.  Here is the link:  2022 Earth Month Calendar | Office of Sustainability | Iowa State University (iastate.edu).

On March 29, 2022 a stop eminent domain for a CO2 pipeline across was held. The Story County Board of Supervisors is on record with the Iowa Utilities Board asking them to not allow the use of eminent domain for carbon pipelines. According to Story County supervisor, Linda Murken, she believed we were the third county to notify the IUB of our opposition to them granting eminent domain for this purpose.  Since then numerous county boards of supervisors have filed similar statements of opposition.  I do not have an exact count but believe the vast majority of counties through which one or both pipeline routes run have filed objections.

Tom Honeyman from Mills County, Julie Johnson from Pocohontas County and Cindy Hansen’s sister from Shelby Co.  presented and voiced their opposition to a CO2 pipeline across Iowa that is imposing eminent domain to gain access to the route.

LOCAL TALK 5 April 2022

Originally broadcast 04/05/2022 

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Dr. Molly Lee, member of the Story County Board of Health joins us for her montly visit. She provides the latest updates of  SARS-2 ( COVID-19), The status of the Seasonal Influenza, the latest numbers and concerns on the high pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreak in our state.  We also visit about African Swine Fever its status and how we are trying to keep it from gaining hold in the United States. (It is currently found in the Dominican Republic and Haiti).

KHOI’s Pat Schlarbaum and Mike Murphy attended the CO2 Pipeline Rally (bipartisan opposition) that was held at the Capitol building You hear from just a few of those in attendance: Carolyn Rathensperger, Deb Maine, Kim Junker, and Ted Junker.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames reminds us of two street projects that have started, the next city council meeting, and the climate action informational. Assistant City Manager Deb Schildroth Previews Tuesday evening’s Council workshop regarding Climate Action Planning.  DEb also provides information on how to stay involved in the process and upcoming sustainability-related events.

LOCAL TALK 4 April 2022

Originally broadcast 04/04/2022 

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Local Talk for Monday, April 4 started with recap of the news for this week throughout the state by Dennis Hart. 

Steve Veysey gave an update concerning a trout stream in Iowa, Bloody Run.   Environmental groups led by the Sierra Club have sued the Iowa DNR to rescind the permit for an 11,600 head cattle feedlot constructed in the headwaters of Bloody Run Creek.

Eric Smidt, Communications and Media Relations Director for the Ames School System provided update on the new High School.

And Wolf Oesterreich with Friends of Ada Hayden provided a timely update to waterfowl migration at Ada Hayden Heritage Park.

Music featured Greg Brown with Iowa Waltz, Grand Junction and Mississippi Serenade.

LOCAL TALK 1 April 2022

Originally broadcast 04/01/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, April 1, 2022 started with a recap of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.

Recently local ecologist Leland Searles was featured in a national magazine, Sierra Club.  Leland explained  Bewild Rewild in the Midwest that includes wildlife Corridors, Core Areas and Carnivores in the Iowa landscape.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer with the City of Ames, invited Bill Schmidt, Resource Recovery Manager with the City to talk about recyclables and free clean up days to come.

Mary Wilkins with ISU Extension Story County rounded out the hour with

Registrations due soon for:

  • April 6 begins our 6 week Young Explorers program for youth ages 2-4 with a parent
  • April 11 Money Sense – registrations accepted through Monday, April 4 for this program

May programs:

  • InterACT program for parents and students in grades 3-5; 4 week virtual series
  • Mindful teen workshop with the Ames Public Library

Summer program offerings are now available on our website  

Music for the program recognized April Fool’s Day with Little Feat, Fool Yourself, Annie Lennox from The Night That Changed America, Fool on a Hill and the Beatles with Fool on the Hill.

TITLE: Doublewide Texas, Wasabi, All Cultures Equal 2022

Originally broadcast 03/30/2022 

Stan Rabe, producer of the ACTORS play "Doublewide Texas," told us about the comedy dedicated to the late Carole Horowitz. 

LuLi, owner of the restaurant Wasabi, told his story of coming from a Chinese city of 7 million  to follow his dream of living in the "perfect" small town in Iowa.

Kathy Vaughn,executive director of All Cultures Equal in Webster City, told us how ACE has developed since it was founded to welcome Laotian  Refugees in 1982.

LOCAL TALK 29 March 2022

Originally broadcast 03/29/2022 

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Mike Meetz stops by Wildbirds Unlimited to visit with Todd Burras and Matthew Card about early spring migrants for our monthly Feathered Friends Tuesday.

Mike Meetz meets with John Pohlman, vice president of the non-profit environmental organization, the Outdoor Alliance of Story County to learn about upcoming events sponsored by the OASC. 

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames provides our listeners with information on the mainstreet bridge that passes over Grand Avenue.  Susan also reminds interested citizens that there is still time to apply for the newly commisioned Ames Police Advisory Board.

City Parks and Recreation Director, Keith Abraham discusses the opening date of the Homewood Golf Course, the start of numerous activities including exercise offerings, soccer leagues, when ball diamonds will be ready, scheduled work on the indoor ice facilities, the Ada Hayden water accesibilty project, as well as a number of other recreational opportunities.


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