LOCAL TALK 27 April 2021

Originally broadcast 04/27/2021 

Luke Ulricht, the proprietor of Great Planes Millwork located in Nevada, Iowa and shared with us his appreciation of this resource.

Susan Qwiasda, City of Ames Public Relations Officer and Damion Pregitzer, Traffic supervisor  discusses upcoming traffic improvement projects that use fiber optic technology to synchronize traffic signals for improved traffic flow, less vehicle idling, and lower carbon emissions. Do you have traffic signal questions? Damion has answers. And data. Lots and lots of data.

Anna, Magnusson  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.

CAPITOL WEEK 26 April 2021

Originally broadcast 04/26/2021 

In-depth information about local politics and Iowa government hosted by Laura Belin and Dennis Hart. Laura and Dennis take an in-depth look at the week’s legislative actions, government agencies, the governor, and other events that affect the Iowa government. This show  takes you behind the scenes, as lawmakers and elected officials act on matters that affect you and your family.

LOCAL TALK 26 April 2021

Originally broadcast 04/26/2021 

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Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news.

Iowa State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad from Des Moines describes the vision and feelings behind an April 22 gathering in Des Moines called a "Vigil in Support of the Central Iowa Black COmmunity to acknowledge the struggle and embrace hope" in the wake of the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis. The rally was sponsored by more than 40 area organizations.

A group of people who conducted a program addressing the need to mitigate roadkill in Jefferson County, describe how they researched the viability of road bridges for animals to use, when crossing roads. Bob Ferguson and Sue DeLost of Sustainable Living Coalition in Fairfield Iowa organized the project, together with Leland Searles, Marshalltown Ecologist, from the BeWIld ReWild program of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. Their wildlife crossings project resulted in an analysis of most road bridges in their county and recommendations for new bridges that allow animals to cross. 

Boone resident Mark Edwards, who is one of the organizers of the BeWIld ReWild program, describes it large vision of connecting the Midwest with other parts of the country that are addressing the need for wild areas in the landscape.

LOCAL TALK 23 April 2021

Originally broadcast 04/23/2021 

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Local Talk for Friday April, 23, 2021 featured Dennis Hart News with the lead story as Chavin conviction.  Mark Edwards and Chris Adkins were featured with Earthday Appreciation remarks.  Mike Brown, Electric Services Distribution Manager discussed power outages and what to do and what not to do. Call 515-239-5240 for reporting or call 811 before digging.  Anna Banana had a nice Mary Oliver poem, Black Water Woods, submitted by Carole Pluckrose.  And a nice Earthday poem by Jane Roland.

LOCAL TALK 22 April 2021

Originally broadcast 04/22/2021 

KHOI will be observing Earth day, 22 April with some programing specials and then on Saturday the 24th, we are partnering with the City of Ames and Iowa State University with some special programming. 

Amy Reis, Education Outreach Coordinator for the Raptor Resource Project.  Discuss the history of the Decorah eagle cameras and its late director, Bob Anderson. Peregrine Falcons had been wiped out from DDT used in the 1950s has an insecticide.  Bob came to Iowa to bring falcons back, partnered with the Ho-Chunk nation of Black River Falls, Wisconsin and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, KHOI covers the Decorah Eagle cam story and the Peregrine Falcons return. 

Doug Harr, President of Iowa Audubon and retired biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, reflects on where we have been and his outlook for the future.

Carolyn Raffensberger, Director of the Science and Environmental Health Network.  Shares her timely environmental messages.

Susan Qwiasda, City of Ames Public Relations Officer  and guest– Housing Coordinator Vanessa Baker-Latimer promotes Fair Housing Month. and  reviews the history of the Fair Housing Act. This landmark law was signed into law on April 11, 1968, by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Anna Magnussen,  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.

Larry Stone, Iowa Rivers Revival, and Migrant Children

Originally broadcast 04/21/2021 

Leanne Harter started our program with the Story County Report followed by memories of the first Earth Day in 1970 discussed by Larry Stone with Pat Schlarbaum.  Sarah Carmichael, executive director of Iowa Rivers Revival, told us about the origins and work of IRR as well as why they had designated Ames 2021 Iowa River Town of the Year . Turning to Immigrant Children, Linda Hanson and Jan Flora of Ames United Church of Christ, discussed their first-hand experiences of conditions in Honduras and Guatemala that are the "push" factor for children coming to the Mexican border and ultimately seeking relatives in Iowa.


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