COVID-19 RESPONSE: Ames Chamber of Commerce, Energy & Young Birders

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Iowa Young Birders Director Tyler Harms describes how and why they were created and  how they promote engagement with the natural world and conserevation issues by empowering young Iowans to study and enjoy birds and birding. 

Dan Culhane, Executive Director of Ames Chamber of Commerce, explains how the Chamber is adapting to help the area business community cope with the COVID-19 disaster, helping with accessing resources and support. Challenges businesses are facing are centered on closure, supply chains, the health and welfare of their employees, and their customer bases. Chamber of Commerce Resources on line. Any business, can call the Chamber of Commerce for help at 515-232-2310. You must not be a member of the Chamber.

Susan Gwiasda Public Relations Officer with Ames included Kayley Lain, Energy Services Coordinator. For online information about energy or for general energy inforamtion, call 515-239-5170. For any questions regarding bills, payment options, and rebates, call 515-239-5120. Call the City if you have concerns about paying bills. Rebates are available from the city for replacing certain energy-efficient appliances.
The Ames Skatepark is now closed. Playgrounds are closed. Trails in parks are still open
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COVID-19 RESPONSE: Mary Greeley Medical, Ames City Operations

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Dennis Hart gave a review of the past week's news in Iowa. 

As of today, there are 5 known and tested cases of COVID-19 in Story County, Boone 3, Marshall 10, Hamilton, Hardin, and Webster Counties are all reporting 1.  

Steve Sullivan,  Director of Marketing and Community Relations for MaryGreeley Medical Center, provided an update from the hospital serving Central Iowa. Currently two COVID-19 Patients are in the hospital and about 5 others are waiting for test results. Iowa State is helping the hospital with protective gear, made from unused materials. Sullivan described the hospital as feeling confident about its supplies and constantly re-assessing. 

As of Tuesday April 7, visitors will no longer be allowed in Mary Greeley. The hospital asks for your cooperation with this safety measure. There are exceptions to this ban for certain extreme cases and children. To speak to the hospital about this, call 515-239-2129, or if you have any other questions. 

The nurse's hotline (Monday - Friday) to call with health questions or if you suspect having the virus is: 515-500-6711. 

More information  /  Hospital Updates  /  COVID-19 Q&A

Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames, asked for residents' cooperation with staying away from playground and to refrain from congregating. Vital resources are needed to maintain city infrastructures and Ames hopes to not be required to use city staff for fencing off areas. Hydrant flushing will begin soon in the city. City Hall is closed; call 515-239-6570 to speak with city staff. 

The drop-off mailbox for paying bills is operating. On-line options are available for bill payments.

Information about bike paths

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COVID-19 RESPONSE: United Way and Neighborhoods

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Dennis Hart's news from the Ames Tribune was full of stories of the ways people are reaching out to their neighbors during the COVID-19 crisis. Carrying on with theme was Jean Kressepresident of United Way of Story Countywho described the ways United Way's partnership agencies address the COVID-19 crisis for those in need of food (Food Bank of Iowa)  and housing (Emergency Residence Project) to pre-school for essential workers (COR&R). Then Susan Gwiasda introduced us to Julie Gould Ames City Planner responsible for the 25 Neighborhood Associations that exist in Ames.  She told us about ways the neighborhood organization support those in their neighborhoods during this crisis, as well as how to find your association and contact information if you need assistance or want to help.  Anna Banana ended the program with a "Heart to Heart" story about how furry friends provide love and comfort during this time of uncertainty. 

COVID-19 RESPONSE: David Deyoe House District 49, ISU's Digital Transition, City Attorney Mark Lambert

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/02/2020
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David Deyoe, Iowa House Representative for District 49 in Nevada, expressed his support for Governor Reynold's leadership during the COVID-19. He informed us of her recent proclamations, increasing financial support for smaller county hospitals and extending restrictions on restaurants to curb-side business only. During this time, with the legislature suspended, he reported that he and other republican legisltors are checking in with constiuents and receiving briefings from the Governor and Republican leadership. To contact him, write to .

Jonathan Wickert, who is Senior Vice President and Provost at Iowa State University, overseeing the university's Division  of Academic Affairs, gave an update on how ISU, within 6 days, moved on line with over 6,000 classes and having its staff and faculty work remotely. They have developed a philosophy of support and understanding for circumstances affecting everyone connected to ISU, as well as alternatives for students to find Internet access. He describes ISU's support for foreign students who cannot go home and are living on campus.

Ames City Attorney Mark Lambert explains that the City has been able to stay with usual legal parameters for conducting business and transparency during the COVID-19 crisis. They are broadcasting City Council meetings on line and received responses from the public by taking calls. They are planning to use Zoom meetings in the future. Consultations with other CIt Attorneys around the state is helping to problem solve and dilemas in complying with the law while doing things in a new way. Lambert reminded us that local municipalities cannot declare mandatory stay-at-home orders; this comes from the Governor's office.

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COVID-19 RESPONSE: Library and Mental Health

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/01/2020
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As part of the KHOI Local Talk series on Clovid19, we heard from Carolyn Raffensperger, executive director of the Science & Environmental Health Network, reflecting on how we are adapting our lives to the Pandemic.  On the local level, Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames, brought in Shiela Schofer, director of the Ames Public Library, to tell us about the many online resources available through the library.  Turning to our mental health, Counseling Psychologist Suzanne Zilber gave us lots of insights into how to deal with the emotions we naturally feel at this time.  She also left a collection of contacts we can draw on. Here they are: 
  • 211 - select mental health support -- CICS crisis line 844-258-8858  Call for anxiety and grief related to the virus or other issues. Live chat at the website Text to 855-895-8398
  • Warm Line – trained peer listeners  844-775-9276 usual hours are 5 -10 PM but they may have expanded their hours.
Pat Schlarbaum reflected personally on John Prine, iconic musician for half a century, who is hospitalized with Clovid19. 

COVID-19 RESPONSE: Food from Ames Schools, Ames Police, Scams, Safety

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 03/31/2020
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Eric Smidt, Director of Communications for Ames Community School District returned to Local Talk to describe the School District's Grab and Go School breakfast and lunchservices. These food containers of food can be received safely at Meeker. Mitchell, and Sawyer Schools in Ames. Information about these are here; call to arrange your pick-up. Smidt also explained how the teachers' car caravans to visit students home from the street are being organized by the teachers, themselves.

Susan Gwiasda, City of Ames Public Relations Officer, introduced JasonTuttle, from the Ames Police. Tuttle discussed Safety in the Home during Covid19 and described current scams. Tuttle reminds you that many types of valuable information is avialble at the City of Ames website. The phone number to call for reaching the CIty Manager for help is 515-239-5101. 

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