LOCAL TALK 2 September 2022

Originally broadcast 09/02/2022 

Dennis Hart provides us with an indepth summary of last week’s news from our local newspaper.

Luke Spence of Nevada  sponsor of the Coffee with the Candidates Saturday mornings A new  location; its upstairs: the Copper Spaces 1026 6th door just south of the Coffee Grounds.  Starts at 9 AM.  A number of candidates are scheduled right up to Oct 29th.

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer city council is seeking feedback on proposal to name the Ames Municiple Airport and Recreation Superintendent Courtney Kort with Ames Parks and Recreation will talk about the end of the season for Furman Aquatic Center, as well as a variety of other recreational options as we get into fall and cooler weather.
ISU Extension Mary Wilkins; Story County ISU Extension and Outreach Youth outreach Coordinator Introduces Katherine Mackenzie, Extension’s Ag & Natural Resource Coordinator. Some planned activities include:
  • Buzz about Native Bees; a program we are hosting in partnership with the company Bayer located in Huxley.
  • The 4-H program year begins September 1 and will be hosting an open house on September 13 at   1421 S Bell Ave. Ste. 107 Ames, IA 50010
Courtney Kort, Recreational Superintendent: courtney.spawn@cityofames.org
Iowa State University Extension Services: extension.iastate.edu.

LOCAL TALK 30 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/30/2022 

Feathered Friends Tuesday; Favorite Late Summer Birds; KHOI personalities and community members share with listeners so of their favorite late summer birds as fall is less thann a month away.

Sam Wormley, KHOI Science Bytes cohost, Central Iowa Symphony cohost and KHOI Board member reviews Fall OLLI course offerings for those 50 years and older as part of the ISU Alumni Association’s continuing education program.

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames  along with Stormwater Analyst Liz Calhoun is thinking about fall weather and landscaping improvements you can make as the weather cools to help absorb stormwater and encourage pollinators.  We visit about an arts grant used to educate the public about the waterway some storm water systems supply and also discuss the benefits of food composter and rain barrel rebates.)

KHOI’s Station Manager, “Eric B.” shares some of his memories as we continue to observe KHOI 10th Anniversary broadcasting as a community radio station.

LOCAL TALK 23 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/23/2022 

Local Talk for Tuesday, August 23, 2022 featured a lot of good topics today, including Rex Heer.  Mr. Heer discussed the origin of his love of nature and how he addressed that commitment with a conservation easement on his property.

Paul Hertz who produces and hosts Morning Masterpieces at 9AM Mondays talked about KHOI’s Ten Year Anniversary.

Susan Gwiasda, Personnel Officer for the City of Ames invited discussed Rummage Rampage and City Council meeting this evening.  The location of the new Aquatic Center will be voted upon.

Local Talk concluded with a phenology about Barn Swallows.  Phenology is chronicling wildlife happenings in a journal for comparisons from year to year.

LOCAL TALK 22 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/22/2022 

Local Talk for Monday, August 22, 2022 started with a weekly summary by Dennis Hart concerning the news from throughout Iowa 

Lauren Livingston with the Alzheimers Association in Iowa discussed their very important work providing information concerning Alzheimers disease. Sixty six thousand Iowans are inflicted with this disease and Alzheimers Association provide a safety net for afflicted families to receive support.  A fundraising Walk is scheduled for 8AM Saturday, October 15 at SPMI Center in the Research Park off Elwood Drive in South Ames.

Jean Eells with E Resources Group talked about her organization, and specifically how they help women landowners.  The advantages of covercrops and no-till farming improves soil health and tilth are emphasized by the E Resources Group.   Additional information can be located at eresourcesgroup.com.

Cornelia Flora, long time KHOI supporter and friend to the station voiced her joy with KHOI 10th Anniversary Celebration to be held September 18 at the station at 622 Douglas in Ames.

Music was provided by Pharis and Jason Romero, “Cannot Change It All and Sally Ann and the D9 Stringband the Sauna Sessions.”.

LOCAL TALK 19 August 2022

Originally broadcast 08/19/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, August 19, 2022 started with a weekly installment by Dennis Hart concerning the news from the pages of the Ames Tribune last week. 

Mary Swander author and contact for AgArts.com is receiving a very prestigious award in the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame.  Mary Richards, KHOI Board member is also included with the four recipients for 2022.  Mary delighted listeners with all her great work she engages from her acreage near Kalona.

Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames and Justin Clausen, Public Works Director provided updates about water pressure metering and who to notify if there is a problem.  He provided the number 515-239-5150 to report any problems.

And Amber Wingert, Marketing Director for ISU Extension in Story County provided upcoming Field Day opportunities.  August 24 at the Mark Flick farm was listed.  There will be a preschool reading workshop to improve literacy on Wednesday, Sep. 14 at 10AM and for the next four weeks. Dr. Connie Beecher with ISU is facilitating these workshops.  Workshops will be at their offices at 1421 S. Belle Ave. in Ames.  And a Pollinator Workshop will be held Saturday, September 17.  Additional information can be located at Extension.iastate.edu or calling 515-337-1601.

Music was provided by Willy Nelson, “Energy Follows Thought and Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain” and Son Peruchos, who will be appearing on Sunday 7PM at Roosevelt Summer Concerts Series.

Happy Birthday

Originally broadcast 08/17/2022 

We started our birthday show with a couple of recorded clips from the late Paul Nelson, KHOI's Chief Engineer when we went on the air telling us of the significance of Eric Weber, the engineer who actually routed the radio signal from the Pantorium to the Tower.  The rest of the show consisted of recollections from a number of people who were vital to programming in the early years of KHOI (and some of whom still are!) Tom Richards, the musician who contributed the theme music that starts each "Local Talk,": Cynthia McClure, who was on the thumb drive team that transported each day's shows out to the tower on thumb drives before we had our connection to the tower and who has since been producer for many of our most important shows; Paul Hertz, who revealed the secrets of the tower connection as well hosting some of the early music shows; Roger Berger, who told us about how we got our Sunday Opera show, as well as Morning Masterpieces; and Tom Beele, who described our signature event "the Pantorium Sessions.".


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