LOCAL TALK 15 February 2022

Originally broadcast 02/15/2022 

Founding Members of Save Hallet’s Quarry that was to evolve to become Ada Hayden Heritage Park, Erv Klaas, Kay Berger, and Jim Pease reflection on the history, current use, future needs while we observe the 20th anniversary of the park’s start. KHOI’s Sam Wormley reminds listeners that the spring ISU’s Olli (Oshier Lifelong Learning Institute) classes will begin in March.  An orientation zoom session will be held Thursday, 17th of February. Susan Gwiasda, Public Information Officer for the City of Ames and Civil Engineer Dean Sayre are today’s guests.  Susan: Provides meeting updates and reminders.  Dean previews of some of the larger street construction projects planned this spring and answers questions about reconstructing streets..

LOCAL TALK 11 February 2022

Originally broadcast 02/11/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, February 11, 2022 started with recap of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.  

River Otters have discovered Lake LaVerne on the ISU Campus.  Dawn Snyder, Naturalist for Woodbury County Conservation Board talked about “They Otter Be in Iowa” program with the ISU Fisheries and Wildlife Biology Club.  Jamie Beyer represented the Iowa Trappers Association that worked with the Fisheries and Wildlife Club in bringing otters to Iowa. It is an amazing development to have otters in an urban environment at Lake LaVerne.

Merry Rankin, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Ames included Don Kom, City of Ames utilities Director highlighted the new milestone phase the Climate Action Plan is now in and new education, engagement and feedback opportunities, including a new public survey coming out next week, new informational pieces added to the Climate Action Plan website, the Eco-chat public presentation coming up on February 24 at the Ames Public Library and the opportunity for community organizations to request a presentation by the project team at a monthly meeting or one of their events.

There is an upcoming Symposium on Sustainability at Iowa State University, February 21-22 – kicked-off by a virtual keynote speaker on February 21 at 6pm. Chris Jordan – photographic artist, filmmaker, cultural activist and art educator, will speak on “Facing the Realities of our World and Surviving to Tell About It”. Some of Chris’ most memorable images include a dead albatross whose stomach contents are misc plastic. Chris Jordan photographic arts (beautyemerging.com).

Doug Harr, President of Iowa Audubon, discussed the Iowa Water and Lands Legacy (IWLL)legislation.  Doug was on the committee to determine the best means of funding conservation in Iowa.  He encouraged everyone to contact their Senator to weigh in on this important legislation concerning a 3/8% sales tax devoted to funding IWLL.

Welcoming Refugees, "America's Step-Child", Uniting Through History

Originally broadcast 02/09/2022 

Diane Birt, president of AIRA, described the work of that organization, as well as two others in Ames - ASIP Ames Sanctuary Interfaith Partnership and  Story County  Immigrant  Interfaith Collaboration.
Maria Hakimi, currently an ISU graduate student from Afghanistan, has lived in Iowa since she came as a high school exchange student ten years ago.  When the situation in Afghanistan became dangerous, her host family sponsored her further education.  She described the situation for her family and her hopes for the future of Afghanistan.
Love Temah, an immigrant from Liberia, gave us an insight into the unusual history of Liberia, which was founded by the United States in 1822 as a plce to send freed slaves.  The conflicts with the indigenous inhabitants of that county inevitably led to a Liberian civil war. for "The American Step-child"   (This story will be continued)
Rachelle Chase--continued the story of Buxton begun last week with a description of various museums and historical societies which have worked to preserve material remains from the site.  She also described a contest for middle school and high school students being announced on the website Uniting Through Historysupported by the Uniting Through History Foundation. 


LOCAL TALK 8 February 2022

Originally broadcast 02/08/2022 

Ann StaudtDirector of Water Rocks! and Conservation Outreach Specialist at Iowa Learning Farms, Conservation Learning Group ISU Extension and Outreach. describes the program showcasing the important functions of wetlands.  Ann also describes an awards program that celebrates “new voices” in water quality efforts.

Erica Place, Outreach Coordinator for SCConservation joins us for our monthly visit: highlights some upcoming events including the SCCB Iowa Naturalist workshop,McFarland Park Lake public survey, the Natural Resource Steward Program, and others including the SCCB’s upcoming photography contest.  This is Erica’s last appearance with KHOI as the Outreach Coordinator: she will be assuming a new roll with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer for the City of Ames provides City Council updates,and provides details of the monthly City Eco Chats held the Public Library.

Ames Fire Chief Rich Higgins provides updates on what firefighters are doing this time of the year, common seasonal safety concerns, and a reminder to keep fire hydrants free from snow so they are easy to find when seconds counts. Interview with Karsten Smedal reviewing the history of the Olav Smedal Conservation Award named to honor his father.

LOCAL TALK 7 February 2022

Originally broadcast 02/07/2022 

Dennis Hart introduces the show with news from central Iowa. We then speak with Ames Community School District's Director of Communications Eric Smidt about the newly appointed supervisor, Dr. Julious Lawson, about the District's informational sessions in the community, including two sessions scheduled for Feb. 28, and about equity, school culture, and behavior policy drafting efforts that invite public input. For more school news, follow Eric on Facebook, Twitter (@ACSD_News) or Instagram (@acsdnews). We round out the hour with an update from Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance Director Lori Allen. GNEA is celebrating its 25th year of homelessness prevention and emergency assistance on behalf of Story County churches. Its budget continues to expand thanks to the generosity of private donors throughout the community. More at gnea.org.

Archeology and History of the Ledges, Moingona and Buxton

Originally broadcast 02/02/2022 

Originally titled "Two Iowa Coal Towns," this program is packed with information about the inhabitants of the area along the Des Moines river beginning  2,000 years ago,at the end of the Ice Age, through the settlement of Moingona and the unique Black Coal Mining town of Buxton. It ends with an announcement of a meeting organizing against the Dakota Access Pipeline (in 2016). Hosts were Susan Franzen and Gina McAndrews and guests were Mark Edwards, David Gradwhol, John Liston, and April Burch.


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