The Day After Christmas

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The Day After Christmas has different names and is celebrated in different ways in many countries.  We had former residents of three countries to tell about the customs and foods of Great Britain, Canada and Sweden.  Reporter Greta Anderson spoke with Kay Puttock and Deborah Bunka about Boxing Day, when gifts are given to people who provide services throughout the year.  Deborah reminded us of St. Stephen's Day, involving charitable giving.  Then Marcus Johnson, proprietor of Mucky Duck Pub, and Kay Puttock discussed favorite foods and activities enjoyed on Boxing Day in Britain (and Ames if you can get them). Our show closed with Annandag Jul [The second day of Christmas] , which is when families play games, go ouIt in the snow, and tell stories.  Daniel Sterk read a traditional story, "The Tomten,"which inspired Ingrid Anderson to tell about the stories told by her Swedish grandparents at their old farms in the forest. 

Christmas Yard Light Art, Driving & Drinking During Holidays, Farwell Brown's Historical Photos

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Dennis Hart gives a round-up of the past weeks’ local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

If you live in Ames, you may have noticed two houses house on Burnett Avenue, on the block between 10 and 11th street, that have a spectacular, joined Christmas yard light display. Like most extraordinarily beautiful things, this display has a love story behind it. Anthony and Patricia Terrones, the owners of the two houses, together with Joseph Terrones, their son who is the light artist, tell the story behind the display.

Doug Scholes, Regional Director for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) provides facts and cautions about drunk driving during the holiday times. .

Casey Vance Executive Director of the Ames History Center describes their new exhibitExploring Historic Ames: Unique Selections from the Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive

Techno Holidays and their Discontents

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Today's program began with Leanne Harter's Story County report, which ended with a discussion of the videos of  Story County Board of Supervisors meetings, including the five hour meeting on December 11.  Next we described how technology interfaces with broadcast transmission to make KHOI possible.  First we spoke with volunteer Cynthia McClure who described the early days of KHOI when we had to drive to our tower near Story City to transfer a full day's programs to our computer via thumb drive.  Cynthia was one of the faithful "Thumb Drive Team" members.  Our link to the tower is still dependent on our Internet Company. To maintain that, we rely on our one full time employee, Evan Taylor, who gave us a five minute job description. Switching from how Technology (with its frequent downsides) brings you KHOI broadcasts, Joy Beadleston., Maggie WestvoldPaul Wierson, and Susan Franzen discussed their experiences with the ways our changing technology has enhanced, or interfered with, reaching out to family, friends, and strangers.   Our program closed with Joy's poem, "Connected in an Unconnected World," and Maggie's Points to Ponder, "Things We Take for Granted." 

Abelardos Restaurant, Small Towns in Story County

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/17/2018
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We started the show with Dennis Hart’s news roundup. Host, Gale Seiler, brought us an interview with Eleazar Flores, the owner of Abelardos Mexican restaurants in Ames and Ankeny. We talked about these family-owned businesses and how they came to be. Dustin Ingram from the Chamber of Commerce came by to tell us about keeping small towns in Story County growing and going strong.  

Supervisors and Sustainability

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/14/2018
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Following Dennis Hart's summary of news from the Ames Tribune, Mark Edwards, 30 year employee of the Department of Natural Resources, came in to explain the development of the process that led to the December 4 meeting of the Story County Board of Supervisors, which was attended by well over 100 people with 40 who testified.  We heard testimony from Margaret Jaynes, director of Story County Environmental Health and Matthew Mardsen, Nevada City Administrator reporting for the Nevada City Council. For the last half of the show Ames and ISU Sustainability Director, Merry Rankin, together with ISU Sustainability Coordinator Steve Kohtz, brought us ideas for sustainable gifts and wrappings, as well as answering the question "Which is more environmentally friendly, fresh or plastic Christmas trees?"


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