Carolyn Klaus, forums, issues, candidates

Originally broadcast 10/13/2021 

Our introduction to the November 2 school board elections in Story and Boone Counties was thanks to (1) Carolyn Klaus, president of the Ames Story County League of Women Voters, (2) Pat Schlarbaum, who recorded "Coffee With the Candidates" on October 9 in Nevada, and (3) Paul Wierson and Anna Magnuson, who discussed the issues and how we become informed in 2021.  For personal voting information go to vote411.

Ames School Board Candidates Scott Dryer and Rolf Duvick

Originally broadcast 10/11/2021 

Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news.

In KHOI's ongoing series of interviews with candidates for the Board of the Ames School District, candidates William Scott Dryer and Rolf Duvick describe their thoughts about last year's and future decisions for the School Board and their approach to carrying out this public service. 

Keith Morgan, Story County Community Emergency Coordinator, gives early seasonal advice on how to prepare now, when it's easy and convenient, for the oncoming winter season. He also tells us a little bit about his profession - who becomes Emergency Management Coordinators, how these services are managed around the state, and how the field has changed.  He tells us how his experience and training in the military prepared him for his work in Story County.

LOCAL TALK 8 October 2021

Originally broadcast 10/08/2021 

Local Talk for Friday, Oct. 8 kicked off with Dennis Hart news summary from Ames Tribune.  A raptor release story at the 4H Camp SW of Ames highlighted all the good rehabilitation work performed by SOAR, Saving Our Avian Resources and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.  Terrie Hoefer and Randy Farnum were featured professionals that contributed greatly to the 4H Camp program over the years.  Merry Rankin, Sustainability Director with Iowa State and the City of Ames discussed Supplemental Input Committee work with the City's Climate Action Plan.  Save the date Oct. 25, 6PM for the first Town Hall meeting at City Hall concerning this project.  For further information go to CityofAmes/Sustainability.  Virginia Nichols presented a podcast concerning soil health and cover crops.  Music was provided by Doug Wood, In Our Hands, which complimented the 4H Camp story greatly.  They featured what a difference people can provide.

DonnaLonna Kitchen - Livestock on the Land with Nick Ohde

Originally broadcast 10/05/2021 

Listen to the DonnaLonna Kitchen live - Tuesdays at noon (repeated Tuesday at 7:00 PM) on KHOI 89.1 MHz. Chef Donna Prizgintas and farmer, artist Lonna Nachtigal explore the local food scene with lively discussion and good humor. DLK talks about food, farming, recipes, advice, opinions and more.

LOCAL TALK 5 October 2021

Originally broadcast 10/05/2021 

Dr Molly Lee with the Story County Board of Health with updates and information regarding the latest on the COVID-19 virus, Influenza season, vaccination availability and precautions and practices to implement and reminder us that Story County mask mandate in county governmental buildings and at the discretion of owners of business and their options. Doug Harr, President of the Audubon Council reviews the bird count at the High Trestle Trail Annual Hawk Watch (count). Susan Gwiasda Communications Officer for the City of Ames/ and Director of Parks and Recreation, Keith Abraham share with our listeners upcoming events and review project wrap-up and features to enjoy within our City Parks and open spaces. Anna, Magnusson  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.

Kelly Winfrey Candidate for School Board, SOAR releases 5 Raptors, Darla Best Sells Housewares by the Amish

Originally broadcast 10/04/2021 

Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa news of the past week.

Kelly Winfrey, candidate for the Ames School District Board, explains her vision, goals, and qualifications. In this November’s election there will be seven candidates who have filed for three open seats on the Ames School Board. The open seats belong to: Gina Perez (who has resigned and whose seat is temporarily being filled by Jane Acker), Monic Behnken, who is not running for re-election, and Jamet Colton, who is not running for re-election. Currently the seven candidates are: Brett Becker, William Scott Dryer, Rolf Duvick, Tom Purl, Amy Erica Smith, Kira Werstein, Kelly Winfrey.

Terry Hoefer, who is a volunteer at SOAR – Saving Our Avian Resource, describes how this organization rehabilitates and releases injured raptors, and the story of its Director, Kay Newman.  On Sunday, SOAR released five raptors – two screech owls, two red tailed hawks, and a bald eagle – at a community event at the former 4-H Camp that was recently purchased by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation for public use.

Darla Best sells household products made by Amish families at the Ames downtown farmers market (Oct. 9 & 16), the indoor farmers market at the Ames North Grand Mall, Nevada High School (Nov. 13 & 14), and Ankeny Santa's Workshop (Nov. 6). Darla describes the Amish families that make them.  For information about Gingerich Amish Baskets, contact Darla at


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