LOCAL TALK 10 August 2021

Originally broadcast 08/10/2021 

Pat Schlarbaum visits with Mike Meetz about his return from Isle Royale National Park and Wilderness and the survey on the Common Loon Mike is involved with.  

Erica Place, Outreach Coordinator for SCConservation joins us for our monthly visit, along with David Stein Watershed Coordinator with Prairie Rivers of Iowa and visit about a project that both units are cooperating in.

Susan Gwiasda Communications Officer for the City of Ames along with Keith Abraham Parks and Recreation Director provides us with summer updates in the parks and recreation systems.

Commemorating the 76th Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima / Nagasaki. Tips for the Drought

Originally broadcast 08/09/2021 

Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa News.

In commemoration of the anniversaries of the US atomic bombing of Japan, we hear first-hand stories from individuals who were there or were directly involved:

  • Atomic bomb survivor Shigeko Sasamori, one of the “Hiroshima Maidens” who received plastic surgery after being disfigured as a teenager
  • US Military: Henry Stimson, former Secretary of War; Paul Tibbets, Jr., US Air Force, and Charles Sweeney, US Air Force, who flew the mission to drop the bombs
  • Sumiteru Taniguchi, Nagasaki bomb survivor when he was a teenager
  • Victor Tolley, US Marine Corp. veteran who was stationed in Nagasaki after the bombing there
  • Itsuko Okubo, Nagasaki bomb survivor who lost her son in the bombing

Recordings and production were provided by the PacificaRadio ArchivesThe National Radio Project. Featured Documentaries included "Hiroshima Countdown" by Andrew Phillips and "Nagasaki Journey” by Christopher Beaver and Judy Irving

Melissa K SpencerStory County Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator, gives useful and simple tips for us to use while helping us all get through the current drought and high temperatures.

To conserve water:  

  • Reduce lawn watering to 1 day a week
  • Full Loads of laundry in the morning or evening
  • Showers instead of baths
  • Check and repair any leaks in faucets or hoses

To conserve energy:

  • Reduce your demand during peak usage (business hours)
  • Close drapes to keep the house cooler
  • Do cleaning in the morning and evening when cooler
  • Turn up the thermostat 3-5 degrees
  • Avoid using the oven in afternoon and early evening
  • Turn off lights when not needed.

LOCAL TALK 6 August 2021

Originally broadcast 08/06/2021 

Local Talk for Friday, August 6, 2021 was kicked off with the news summary for this week from the pages of the Ames Tribune.  Sikowis Nobiss recently presented at the Iowa Prairie Network.  She gave her impressions of Iowa agriculture and native Iowa prairie from a native women's perspective.  Their website is GreatPlainsAction.org. Bill Schmidt, Resource Recovery Superintendent joined Susan Gwiasda discusses the great Rummage Rampage that completes Saturday, August 7.  Phone 515-239-5136 Resource Recovery Plant for any recycling needs.  Mary Wilkens with ISU Extension rounded out the hour with updates for the month.  Their contact is www.ISUExtension@iastate.edu phone 515-337-1601.  Big Blue Sky music featured Coyote Love and Music in the Wind.

Voting, City Council Communications, Evictions, and Pufferbilly Days

Originally broadcast 08/04/2021 

Betty Andrews' Iowa Community Report celebrated the 0ne Year Anniversary of Proposition 7 giving the previously incarcerated the right to vote. Then we heard a discussion on Fallon Forum between host Ed Fallon and Randy Evans, executive director of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council, discussing ways to provide better communication between city councils and citizens bringing complaints. Al Womble brought us a follow-up on the support being gathered for the tenants about to be evicted from Crestwood Apartments in Davenport -- including a pick-up of supplies from the Pantorium.  Ending on a festive note, Laura Wade, events and communications director from the Boone Chamber of Commerce, told us what to expect for this year's Pufferbilly Days on August 8 - 10.


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