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Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/24/2019
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Our guests today told us stories of how KHOI has connected them to people around the world.  Chris McClure told us about  listening to KHOI on the internet when he was stationed in Kuwait for a year and a half (his wife Cynthia, is a KHOI producer and engineered today's program).  Mary Howard, (producer of  Community Bookshelf  ) told about how her sister listened to her reading her own novel on KHOI while the sister was in Ukraine for six months.  Lonna Nachtigal and Donna Prizgintas (producers of DonnaLonna Kitchen Show) told about how guests from around the world shared the food traditions with their listeners.  Then reporter Gale Seiler described how the issue of the firing of the state director of 4H inspired a podcast on LGBTQ issues in the organization. We ended the show with Don Kom giving us a preview of Ankeny Community Theatre's upcoming production of Proof

Every Day is Earth Day

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/22/2019
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Following the news from Dennis Hart,  host Pat Schlarbaum interviewed Larry Sloan [Des Moines Register Nature Writer, retired] telling of the first Earth Day in 1970.  Then we heard a sample of Pat's signature "phenologies."  Our sound collage drawn from past shows dealt with ISU's Leopold Centerfounded in 1987 as part of Iowa's Groundwater Protection Act in 1984, and defunded in 2017.  The story was told by Ralph Rosenberg, Angie Carter, Fred Kirschenmann, and Aaron Lehman.  John Davis, climate analyst from Hamburg, Iowa, described the international teleconference to be held on April 22, 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Climate Rally, Audio Collage, C.Y. Stevens

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/19/2019
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On this show, we had a report from KHOI reporter Preston Burris on an early Earth Day Rally held this week on ISU’s campus. The rally was organized by a student group called Climate Reality. Host Gale Seiler shared an audio collage made from excerpts of recent Local Talk shows. They highlighted KHOI’s mission of Radio for All, which is the themes for our current fundraising drive. In the last segment, Alex Fejfar from the Ames Historical Society stopped by to tell us about the history of C.Y. Stevens Auditorium and the other four buildings that comprise the Iowa State Center. There will be a lecture on Wednesday at the Ames Library entitled Cheers to 50 years: C.Y. Stephens Marks a Milestone

Music for All

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 04/17/2019
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Today's program was a celebration of KHOI's broad offerings of musical styles. We started with Marty Miller telling us the history and highlights of the Barn Owl Bandwhich will be playing next  Wednesday (April 24) during KHOI's four day Pantorium Sessions.  Ron Carson, chair KHOI's music committee, described the other three groups performing this week.  Hosts Susan Franzen and Paul Wierson reflected on a sound collage from the 2018 archives.  The show closed with Shon Stephenson, operations manager for Ames Children's Choirs, telling us about the Midwest Children's Choir Festival on April 26. 


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