Latino/a Studies Symposium, Iowa State Center, October Happenings in Ames

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On today’s show, we spoke with Dr. Lucia Suarez about the Latino/a Studies Program at ISU, which is celebrating its 25th year. She invited everyone to the U.S. Latino/a Studies 25 Year Anniversary Symposium, which will take place on Saturday, September 28 in the Memorial Union. All are welcome; click on the link for registration.

We also heard from Tammy Koolbeck, Director of the Iowa State Center, about the new plans to develop the area around the Stadium and Hilton Coliseum and how that development might impact the Iowa State Center. And Crystal Davis, from the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau, came by for her monthly visit and updates about happenings in Ames During October.  

YSS, Ames History Museum

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/20/2019
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Today's program featured Andrew Allen, president and CEO of YSS, discussing the organization's purpose and programs designed to help children, teens, young adults, young mothers and others with mental and behaviorial health issues.

Also appearing was Alex Fejfar of the Ames History Museum, who discussed the museum's ongoing exhibit, "Uncorked: The Spirited History of Alcohol in Ames."  

Maggie Westvold also appeared, commenting on growing up in Iowa when television was in its black-and-white infancy.  

Interfaith Power and Light, Climate Strike, Arborfeast

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/18/2019
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Matt Russell, executive director or Interfaith Power and Light, told us about the recent Pilgrimage on the Prairie and IPL's  work of empowering farmers to combat climate change.  He especially credited youth activists.  Appropriately Toni Sleugh and Brad Wisenmayer two of the leaders of ISU Climate Reality Corpps (part of the international Climate Strike inspired by Greta Thunberg) came in to tell us about the Climate Strike in Ames on Septeber 20.  Our next stop was  in Boone county talking with Mark Schneider about ArborFeast at the Iowa Arboretum.  We closed our show at the Boone Community Theatre's open house celebrating their upcoming production of Pirates of Penzance directed by Christopher Levi taking us backstage to talk with Kate Zimmerman.  

Healthy Life Center Loss

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/13/2019
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Today's program featured Ames Mayor John Haila, discussing this past Tuesday's $29 million bond election for the proposed Healthy Life Center.  Voters rejected it.  The bond needed 60 percent "yes" votes to be approved.  It received 48.5 percent. The mayor talked about possible reasons for the bond's failure, and what might be next.

Also appearing on the broadcast were Merry Rankin, who is the Director of Sustainability for Iowa State University and the Sustainability Coordinator for the city of Ames; and Bill Schmitt, Resource Recovery Superintendent for the city of Ames. They  talked about the city's pilot food waste diversion project.  

Remembering September 11, 2001

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 09/11/2019
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The hosts of Local Talk gathered to share their memories of September 11, 2001. Ursula Ruedenberg was in New York, literally at ground zero watching the Twin Towers Collapse and living in the city in the following weeks. Paul Wierson recalled the reaction in Des Moines -- gas lines. Susan Franzen was on an election board at the Memorial Lutheran Church in Ames, where a memorial service for the tragedy was held across from the polling station before the polls closed. And finally, Dennis Hart discussed the day as he experienced it from his home and newsroom in California. The show closed with a discussion of the  increased fear and uncertainty in the post 9/11 world.  


Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/09/2017
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Dennis Jones give a summary of Iowa news from last week.

In the wake of the Democratic National Committee's decision last week to veto plans by the states of Iowa and Nevada to incorporate tele-caucusing by phone and virtual caucusing by computer, Douglas Jones,  a computer scientist at the University of Iowa who researches computer security,  explains why he was outspoken against these plans. He also discusses the intent and implementation of caucuses and proposes an alternative. Iowa and Nevada have been given the directive to make caucuses more accessible to voters and Jones proposes establishing proxy voters to do this. 

Story County Emergency Coordinator Keith Morgan discusses emergency preparedness month and how to prepare. There is also a lengthy discussion about the dangers of lightening. Did you know it is dangerous to take a bath or shower during a storm?



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