LOCAL TALK 26 October 2021

Originally broadcast 10/26/2021 

Stephanie and Todd Burras of Wild Birds Unlimited join us for our monthly visit to learn about some of our feathered friends and other wild critters. Mike, Pat, and others express appreciation for Ursula Rudenberg’s efforts to get KHOI on the air and the opportunity she gave to us to become part of the KHOI family. Susan Gwiasda Communications Officer for the City of Ames provides updates for meetings and events planned for the city.Municipal Engineer, Tracy Peterson will share information about the opening of the South Grand Avenue extension and the work that went into making that project happen; reminds listeners of the ribbon cutting celebration at 2 pm on Friday, Oct. 29th.

Belligerent Raccoons, UAW Speaks, a Local Business Called Iowa Parklands

Originally broadcast 10/25/2021 

The reasons for an encounter with a belligerent raccoon are explored, then Dennis Hart provides a roundup of Iowa news. 

Laura Belin explains why the workers at John Deere are striking and the current status of the conflict with the plant management. She provides an interview with an Ankeny representative of the striking UAW (United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America) who explains why 90% of the union members voted to strike "as long as necessary," especially after sacrifices are made during the Pandemic and John Deere's profits have increased dramatically.

Matt Scott, from Ankeny, describes his business, Iowa Parklands, that provides detailed maps of trails in Iowa Parks, including maps on bandana's. His web site also sells maps for download, posters, stickers, playing cards, and has a blog discussing the details of various Iowa's parks. He describes how his business connects with the love and memories people have about parks.

LOCAL TALK 22 October 2021

Originally broadcast 10/22/2021 

Local Talk for Friday, October 22, 2021 featured Dennis Hart summary of the news from pages of Ames Tribune. Linn Cipperly-Price, veterinary technician, provided a story about Animal Protection and Education APE at their Boone office at 801 Mamie Eisenhower Ave. They feature spaying, neutering, vaccinating and microchipping cats and dogs at low cost. More information at GOAPE.Org and 515-460-7729.  Deb Schildroth, Ames Assistant City Manager, discussed upcoming Climate Action Plan rollout Monday, October 25 at 6PM at City Council meeting room. More information at Sustainability@CityofAmes.org.  Pelican Phenology was included and music was provided by Paul Simon in recognition of his 80th birthday.  Simon and Garfunkle performed At the Zoo, America and Bookends.

Difficult Topics from Breast Cancer to Exterminating Diseases

Originally broadcast 10/20/2021 

Our show started with our monthly report from Leanne Harter, Story County Outreach and Special Projects Manager. We then heard from Kim Harms, an author from Huxley who told us why she wrote her personal story "Navigating the World of Mastectomies and Breast Reconstruction"  and read some moving passages.  Since epidemics have been on our minds recently we were fortunate to have guests who could tell us what it means to have a disease eradicated. For smallpox we heard from Prof Alan Marcus, chair of the History Department at Mississippi State University and author of works focusing on the History of Technology, Science, Medicine.  A decades long effort by Rotary International has focused on worldwide  efforts to eradicate polio. One of the people actually part of this is Susan Herrick from Boone, who told what is involved in eliminating polio from the earth.

LOCAL TALK 19 October 2021

Originally broadcast 10/19/2021 

KHOI’s Sam Wormley joins us to discuss the upcoming Influenza season while we are still experiencing the COVID -19 pandemic and what some of the most current safety practices we need to incorporate to keep others in our community as well as ourselves safe as we go about our day. Sam Wormley then  describes a new program that will be airing on  KHOI in the near future; The Central Iowa Symphony performances for the 2021-22 season Pat Schlarbaum had an opportunity to visit with  Joe Anderson  incumbent candidate seeking a new term with the Nevada School Board Susan Gwiasda Communications Officer for the City of Ames Hello, Susan updates us on the Climate action plan meetings and then Keith Abraham Directors of Parks and Recreation visits with us about Franklin Park improvements and a ribbon cutting, along with the Ada Hayden boat launch for physically challenged users the upgrade to the fishing pier, and activities at the Miracle Park. Anna, Magnusson  KHOI’s Top “Good News Banana” brightens our day.

LOCAL TALK 15 October 2021

Originally broadcast 10/15/2021 

Local Talk for Friday, October 15 featured the news summary by Dennis Hart.  Gina Nichols provided a podcast promoting sustainable agriculture.  Taylor Squanor provided a delightful report as a soil particle and all the ecology that entails in Iowa.  Susan Gwiasda invited Sara Van Meeteren Building Official to promote no leaf burning, no interior furniture outdoors, and October Fire Prevention Month. ISU Extension Ag and Natural Resources Program Director encouraged listeners to attend Business Plan Express training Nov. 9 and 16 6:30PM - 8.  Their offices are located at 1421 South Bell Ave. or 515-337-1601 or extension@iastate.edu/story.  Wolf Oesterreich provided a great migration report from Ada Hayden Heritage Park.  He encouraged weekend visitors to watch for Great Blue Heron, Spotted Towhee, Ruddy Duck, Bald Eagle and Osprey. Music was Morning Dew by Bonnie Dobson, and Jeff Beck Truth album featuring lead vocal extraordinaire, Rod Stewart.


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