LOCAL TALK 30 December 2022

Originally broadcast 12/30/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, December 30, 2022 started with a summary of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart. 

The Dakota 38 +2 Memorial Ride is a memorial to 38 Dakota men that were hung on December 26, 1862 on the city square of Mankato, Minnesota.  Jim Hallum, tribal elder from Santee, Nebraska provides background to this honoring of those that died.  The convictions and hangings of the Dakota 38 resulted from the aftermath of the US-Dakota War of 1862 in Southwest Minnesota.  In addition to the 38 men hanged, there were two chiefs extradited from Canada that were hung in 1864.  Their crime was the aftermath of what resulted when a warehouse of food was broken into to feed a starving people.  Terrible injustices were committed against 265 others in the form of military convictions and more than 3,000 Dakota people were held captive, then were forced to march west to the territory of South Dakota.  To this day Dakota people are considered exiled from their homeland of Minnesota.  Here’s a native man’s story about a trail ride to commemorate the 38 plus two Dakota men that were hung in 1862. The 330 mile trail ride ended December 26. Jim Hallum, tribal elder from Santee, Nebraska provides background to this important honoring of those that died.

LOCAL TALK 13 December 2022

Originally broadcast 12/13/2022 

Salvation Army’s Bill Stodden visits with us about Bell ringers and the Red Kettle Campaign, the Food Pantry, the Fresh Food Market, rental assistance, The Angel Tree gift shop, Toy Drive, and the need of support as needs increase and past support has diminished.   

Patrick Shehan, Special Projects Ranger  joins us this for our monthly Story County Conservation visit.

After reviewing the calendar for upcoming public programs Pat shares a bit about how he became interested in natural resources, his profession background before joined the Story county staff and covers some of his main responsibilities as Special Projects Ranger. He also provides updates on some of the ongoing major projects; the Deppe acquasition, and McFarland Park lake renovation.

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer reminds us to take care in this kind of inclement weather. She also reviews the upcoming council meeting on tonight’s contract is the purchase of property for the aquatic center and next week’s workshop meeting on the waste to energy report. 

Ames Electric Distribution Manager, Mike Brown talks about winter electric safety, action to take when your power fails, tracking outages on the website, and some measures taken to insure the security of equipment and facilities and reminds us of smart energy rebate program that is part of the City Coun

“Anna Banana” Mather, KHOI Special Correspondent with an uplifting Heart 2 Heart message.

LOCAL TALK 9 December 2022

Originally broadcast 12/09/2022 

Local Talk for Friday, December 09, 2022 started with recap of the news for this week from the Ames Tribune by Dennis Hart.  

Perry Little from the Ihanktonwan or Yankton Sioux Nation told about this year”s Exile Memorial Horse Ride from Lower Brule, South Dakota to Mankato Minnesota.  This 278 mile, 16 day trek is in  memory of thousands of native people exiled from Minnesota and forced to South Dakota in 1862.  The ride ends at Mankato where 38 plus two native men were hung on December 26, 1862 for grievances concerning the War of 1862 in SW Minnesota.  It is widely felt in the native nation that these men were unjustly persecuted for being Indian.  Further information can be found at P.little13@gmail.com.

Merry Rankin Sustainability Director for the City of Ames and Iowa State University included City of Ames Energy Services Interns, Shelby Nechkash and Grant Buresh were included with Merry. As well as introducing these two fabulous team members to listeners and reminding listeners of the City of Ames Smart Business Challenge, the upcoming Smart Business Challenge Recognition Luncheon was discussed.  The luncheon will take place January 19 at Reiman Gardens.  Further information is at CityOfAmes.org

Katherine MacKenzie Story County Iowa State University Extension Ag and Natural Recourses Outreach Coordinator discussed Cultivating Hope Farms 4-H club will be held December 13 at 4 pm at the Extension office. At 414 South Belle in Ames.  Working on program plans for January – May.

LOCAL TALK 6 December 2022

Originally broadcast 12/06/2022 

Dr. Molly Lee, with the Story County Board of Health joins us for our monthly visit. and provides updates on COVID-19 for Story County, vaccine/booster availability,  as well as Influenza updates, and Respiratory Syncial Virus in children. Dr Lee provides us with an overview of  Story County Environmental Health department and visit about the role with homelessness and hunger in these colder months.

Steve Lekwa’s Naturally Speaking: we visit about late migrants, some birds showing up at the feeders and review Christmas Bird Counts.

Susan Gwiasda Public Information Officer updates us on some city items and we visit withWater and Pollution Control Director John Dunn about the dangers of frozen pipes  drainage problems and answers our inquiry about the devises next to the newer fire hydrants seen in Ames We also learn about water main breaks in winter.

KHOI’s Anna Banana shares a Heart to Heart message with our listeners.

LOCAL TALK 5 December 2022

Originally broadcast 12/05/2022 

KHOI’s Dennis Hart provides us with his summary of the past week’s state wide news. 

From the town of Nevada, Marlys Barker fills us in on the Nevada Holiday Happenings

including the various contests, character searches, activities, feeds, and other fund-raising activities during the “Christmas on Main”.

Amy Delashmutt Ames Community School District covers the Certified Enrollment numbers and enlightens us about some student groups including; Ames Builders Club, the 9th Grade Science Public Exhibition (Water Quality), as well as some of the winter sports events. 

Iowa’s Pie Lady, Beth Howard Author and artisan pie creator joins us.

The World Needs More Pies  Is the Author Spotlight as part of the Ames Collective will be sponsored and is appearing live and in person starting at 7 PM December 9th at KHOI Radio located at 622 Douglas Avenue in Ames.  Beth will be having a book signing and there will be pie!

LOCAL TALK 29 November 2022

Originally broadcast 11/29/2022 

Local Talk for Tuesday, November 29, 2022 featured a Mike Meetz interview with Stephanie and Todd Burras with Wild Birds Unlimited learning about new migration arrivals at our birdfeeders.

Native artist Guy Zephier with the Ihanktonwan or Yankton Sioux Nation talked about his indigenous art.  This is a Native American story honoring National Native American Heritage Month. 

Susan Gwiasda with the City of Ames included Assistant City Manager Deb Schildroth gave an update on the Climate Action Plan after the November workshop with Ames City Council. She also provided some next steps and suggestions of what people can do today to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sean Vellinga gave an informative discussion about a wasp that is a biological control agent against the Emerald Ash Borer that is afflicting ash trees across the nation.  It is an eulophid wasp named a Tetrastchus planiipennisi.


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