Iowa College Access Network, Iowa Farmers Union Convention

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/18/2019
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Leanne Harter gave us the monthly Story County Report.  Then Sunni Kamp,, executive director of  the Story County Community Foundation, interviewed Erick Danielson from  Iowa College Access Network, recipients of a 2019 SCCF grant.  Aaron Lehman, president of the Iowa Farmers Union, joined Cornelia Flora and Paul Wierson for a discussion of the November 6 IFU State Convention. We played a brief clip from Bernie Sanders, one of the six Democratic candidate at the convention, and concluded with a discussion of the challenges farmers face today.   

Scholar in Boone, Maxwell Renewal, Bold Iowa, Thyme

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/11/2019
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Jessica Stanley, President of the Board of the Boone County Historical Society, discussed the Society’s new plans starting with the monthly  series “Saturdays with a Scholar.”  The December scholar, Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, ISU history professor, talked about research for her upcoming book on the Farm Crisis of the 1980's. Then Sunni Kamp, executive director or the Story County Community Foundation, discussed the 2019 SCCF grant for Maxwell Renewal with Kathie Smith of Maxwell.  Kathy Byrnes, activist, told us about a couple of upcoming actions sponsored by Bold Iowa-- see the Facebook page for climate crisis parade.  For this weekend's entertainment Sally Evans told us about "The Gift of Thyme," the play she wrote and is directing for the Webster City Community Theatre. And finally a memorable testimonial from Ed Fallon, host of Fallon Forum on KHOI.   

Vintage Christmas, Iowa Food Bank, Stories and Pictures, Harvey

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/04/2019
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Henry Corbin, new executive director of Main Street Nevada came in to tell us about this weekend's Vintage Christmas events.  Then Sunni Kamp, executive director of Story County Community Foundation, interviewed Emma Christiansen for the Food Bank of Iowa which was awarded a SCCF grant for the "Feeding Story Country" program.  Turning to music, we got a preview of Central Iowa Symphony's December 7 concert titled "Stories and Pictures."  Eric McIntyre, Music Director of the Central Iowa Symphony, told us why he selected a program combining "The Composer is Dead" by Nathanial Stookey  (text by Lemony Snicket) with the Mussorgsky/Ravel symphony "Pictures at an Exhibition." Following this, we heard from Patrick Determan, narrator of "The Composer Is Dead."  We wrapped up our show with Susan Herrick, director of Boone Community Theatre's production of Harvey, telling us about the Elwood P. Dowd's experiences with a 6'1" white rabbit.   

Grants, Fires, Wild Bees

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 11/27/2019
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Jay Wilson, executive director of the of the Story City Greater Chamber Connection, came in to tell us about the $75,000 Main Street Iowa Challenge grant  to restore a building in downtown Story City. The second grant was a $25,000 Major Grant from the Story County Community Foundation to the Zearing fire department retrofit project, but our discussion was more general.  Pat Schlarbaum talked  volunteer fire departments throughout Story County coming together to provide water trucks to combat both building fires and prairie fires.  Our final guest was Darrin Crow, story teller from Cedar Rapids, who gave us a preview of his Nov. 3  program for Story County Conservation, about "the great Honey War of 1838, when Iowa was nearly invaded by Missouri!"

Story County Community ID, ARC of Story County, Akhnaten, and things to do in December

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 11/25/2019
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Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa in the news from last week.

Rick Exner, is an Ames resident working with AMOS Immigration, an AMOS (A Mid Iowa Organizing Strategy) crisis response team for those at risk of being deported. Exner explains the Central Iowa community ID card, a community-building tool for inclusion for people without government IDs, to address basic needs such as medical care or identification for police. Exner is inviting everyone to get a community ID card to give that form of identification agency in our area. Details for that can be found here. For more information, call 515-599-8149 or go to their informational web site.

Sunni Kamp, Executive Director of Story County CommunityFoundation speaks with Patricia Cane, from the Arc of Story County, introducing the services of that organization, which partner with local businesses, providers and community members to enrich the lives of people with disabilities. Story County Community Foundation is the umbrella organization for more than 165 different funds established by individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations to benefit Story County. In early November, it awarded it's annual grants to totaling $117,413. The Arc of Story County is one of the Story County Nonprofit organizations who received a grant this year.

Crystal Davis from the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau gives a preview of upcoming public events for fun and activity in December.  

Number the Stars, Nevada Main street, Stranger than Fiction

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 11/20/2019
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Our first guest was Brittny Rebhuhn, director of Story Theatre Company's play, "Number the Stars," telling the history of Danish people saving Jews from the Nazis during World War II.  Our next stop was Gatherings in Nevada, where Evie Peterson told us about the first plans by citizens of Nevada to benefit from their new Main Street Iowa designation.  Pat Schlarbaum told us about nature programming on KHOI, starting with a phenology of junkos.  We ended with a recap of last night's Pantorium Session, "Stranger Than Fiction."  


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