Clover Woods, Vaccinations, Story Festival

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We started by reporting local results from the November 5 election (for results from all the city and school board elections, go to the Story County Auditor's website). Then we turned to the big story of the week -- Iowa Natural History Foundation's purchase of the  4H camp (Clover Woods).  Joe Jayjack and Larry Stone described the arrangements of the sale and explained why it was important to maintain private ownership of this beautiful land on the Des Moines river.  Responding to Monday's story from "One Choice Iowa" was Dr. Caitlin Pedatic, Medical Director and State Epidemiologist for the Iowa Department of Public Health.  Finallly, Paul Wierson provided a lively preview Of Story Festival 2019.  

School Board, Masons

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Ames Voting

Following Iowa news delivered by Dennis Hart, Shanda Burke described the concerns of "Informed Choice Iowa," an organization dedicated to challenging legislation requiring mandatory vaccinations which is holding a statewide conference in Des Moines on November 16.  In preparation for the school board election on November 5, we heard from all seven of the candidates for the school board.  Concluding our show Bill Jungclas, past grand master of Arcadia Masonic Lodge #249, came in to read the mayor's proclamation declaring November 1. 2019,  "Ames Masonic Lodge #249 Day" in honor of the 150th anniversary of the lodge in Ames. He also gave us a brief local history of the lodge.  

Rachel Junck, Candidate for Ames City Council Ward 4, Organizing Presidential Campaigns in Iowa

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Dennis Hart give a summary of local news from the pages of the Ames Tribune.

Engineering student and hometown resident Rachel Junck, candidate for Ames City Council representing the fourth Ward, explains her approach and platforms. If elected, she will be the youngest woman to hold office in Iowa history.

Ames Progressive Alliance hosts speak with Matt Fidel, field organizer for Cory Booker to discover what is involved with organizing a presidential campaign in Iowa's "First in the Nation" caucus process.  

Paul Nelson, the Pool Hall Waltz Band, Public Policy Committee of Ames Chamber of Commerce

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Pool Hall W Band

Dennis Hart gives a rundown of Iowa News.

Two recordings of the Pool Hall Waltz Band, a local Ames band in the late 1970's and early 1980's, including Paul Nelson, who helped build KHOI and served as its Chief of Operations, bookend a recorded conversation between Paul Nelson and Ursula Ruedenberg in 2017, about the founding and meaning of KHOI.

Drew Kemp, Director of Public Policy for the Ames Chamber of Commerce and Lawrence Cunningham, Chair of the Public Policy Committee for the Ames Chamber, explain the educational and advocacy of the Chamber, how they interact with their stakeholders. They encourage participation in the upcoming election November 5. The election is locally focused and addresses three areas of importance to Ames residence: governance, health care, and education. 

Ursula Harman

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Dr. Ursula Harman

Co-hosts Gina McAndrews and Cornelia Flora are joined by Dr. Ursula Harman, a District Council Woman from the Municipal Council of San Bartolo in Lima, Peru. She has a PhD in Agriculture and Food Science from the University of Queensland in Brisbane Australia and is a lecturer and researcher at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Harman wrote a chapter in a book Flora is co-editing: Community Capacity and Resilience in Latin America.  She is visiting Ames as part of an Eisenhower  Fellowship. 

Based on  the Leroy and Barbara Everson Global Seed Symposium, and the Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium, Flora, McAndrews, and Harman discussed the importance of seeds and seed preservation, the increasing appreciation of biodiversity as indicated in the seed saving going on in Iowa and across the world, the World Food Prize winner, Simon Groot, who developed and distributed a variety of vegetable seeds and the knowledge to grow them across Asia and Africa.  Seeds are adopted as they meet the needs and circumstances of the farmers, and the farmers are increasingly women.

They then discussed the Eisenhower Fellowship participants, chosen for their leadership from around the world.  Dr. Harman is in the US with the special goal of learning about innovations in waste management – which includes composting waste for community gardens – and other mechanisms for reducing waste and increasing community resilience.  Ames is an innovator in waste management in the US, and she is learning about our current and future ways of collectively reducing waste and re-using/recycling locally.  

Rural Women

Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 10/16/2019
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Angie Carter, former Ames resident and Assistant Professor of Environmental & Energy Justice at Michigan Technological University's Department of Social Sciences, and  Anna Johnson from the Women Food and Agriculture Network  discuss the state of women's involvement in agriculture in Iowa and the world, many of the issues involved with agriculture, including International Day of Rural Women.  


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